naked for the first time

10 Thoughts I Had When I Saw Him Naked For The First Time!

Arya Khanna

Guest Contributor

First times get etched in your memory, forever. Come what may after, you can never forget them. Like the first time you kissed someone, or the first time you proposed to someone - or the first time you saw someone naked! Here are 10 thoughts you probably also had when you saw your boyfriend naked for the first time... Because I sure did! 

1. This is it. I am actually looking at a naked man, right now. Oh my god!

2. So that’s the tool he loves so much.’s quite big, actually. And...squiggly.

2 naked for the first time

3. But his legs, they are so thin...and hairy! Pants create quite an illusion…

4. Ooh… I see that he has been working out. I like!

4 naked for the first time

5. Truth be told, he looks very delicate, naked… Vulnerable, even.

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6. And there are many color tones on his body…

6 - naked for the first time

7. Oh no, please don’t turn around, I don’t think I am ready for that just yet!

8. Has he trimmed? Hmm, maybe just a little bit.

8 - naked for the first time

9. OMG… He’s touching himself... And now he’s walking towards me!

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10. Guess it’s my turn now. Ok, be cool. Keep calm...

10 - naked for the first time

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Published on Aug 04, 2016
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