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#HeSays: What A Guy Thinks When He Sees His Girlfriend's Boobs!

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So, ladies, let us be very clear - each and every guy loves boobs. Especially his girlfriend's boobs! It's one of our most favourite things in the world… Definitely in the top 3! So here are some honest thought that guys have when they see their girlfriend's boobs!

1. ...Wow!

Because this is the moment I had been waiting for since...the last time I saw her boobs.

2. Do boobs hypnotize every guy, or is it just me?

Because, well, wow.

3. They're so beautiful!

THIS is art, people.

3 thoughts about boobs

4. I can't believe I get to touch them…

No, really, thank you, God.

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5. Man, did I get lucky or what?!

Because, well, just look at those boobs… Actually, NO, don't look, they're MINE!

6. Okay, need to look somewhere else, she'll think I'm being creepy now.

But this is just going to be a regular thing, so she should probably get used to it?

6 thoughts about boobs

7. I hope there isn't drool on my face.

Because it's totally possible and would be terribly embarrassing.

8. Why can't I wake up to this view every morning?

High-rises with a view have nothing on what I'm looking at right now.

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9. Man, they feel even better than they look!

And her expression just makes this so much better!

9 thoughts about boobs

10. Why can't I hug them and sleep every night?

Because... Best. Pillow. EVER!

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Published on Aug 29, 2016
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