10 Adorable Ways He Won Me Over (Without Even Realizing It!)

10 Adorable Ways He Won Me Over (Without Even Realizing It!)
There are things guys do, to impress the girls they like, intentionally - and then there are things guys do unknowingly that just impress girls automatically. Here are a few things my guy did (and still does!) that won me over without him even realizing it!

1. By remembering every little thing I ever tell him…

Even if I thought he wasn’t paying attention to what I was saying at that time.

how he won me over 1

2. By bringing my favorite food over for me when I’m sick...

Even if that means he’ll probably end up catching that flu from me!

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3. By being so nice and warm towards my friends and family…

Because they matter to me - even if he doesn’t like them all the time.

how he won me over 3

4. By listening to me rant about something completely unrelated to him…

And still nodding his head and looking so interested.

5. By being best friends with my pet!

Because seriously, this is a huge prerequisite!

how he won me over 5

6. By actually, very calmly, trying to explain his point to me each time we’re having an argument…

Instead of just getting impatient and walking off! Which I actually do sometimes… Oops!

7. By always leaving the last bite of our favorite dessert for me!

And making sure I eat it… Even if he’s dying to eat it himself.

how he won me over 7

8. By being kind to people he doesn’t even know…

Because being well mannered is seriously underrated.

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9. By looking at me like I’m the only girl in the world...

Especially when he thinks I’m not even looking!

how he won me over 9

10. By never falling asleep without saying goodnight to me!

Even when he can barely keep his eyes open!

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