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10 Things You’ll Get If You Were A Humanities Student In School

10 Things You’ll Get If You Were A Humanities Student In School
While the world opted for commerce and science, you brave young soul, you took a different route and went for humanities. And since then, life has never been the same for you. Here are 10 things you’ll totally get if you studied humanities in school...

1. Everyone around you kept assuming that you weren’t too serious about your studies…

‘Coz according to their logic anyone remotely serious about his/her life in general, has to start with taking up science, or commerce. Uff!

1 humanities student

2. And then, they kept pissing you off by exclaiming, “oh, there is nothing really to study in humanities”...

Which kinda made you wish you could throw your history, politics and psychology books at them and ask them to point out what exactly makes them think there is nothing to study?

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3. But, at least the cut-offs were a bit relaxed for you…

At least someone realised that humanities couldn’t be mugged up and vomited on paper, and needed much more effort and preparation than that.

3 humanities student

4. Though, unlike kids from science and commerce, you weren’t as sure about what you wanted to do after school...

While they were giving a hundred entrance exams, you were weighing your options - just because they were so many of them!

5. You and your classmates actually thought that the science and commerce kids were uncool…

To be fair, you had taken on the road less taken, at a young age.

5 humanities student

6. You actually realized early on in life that marks weren’t the barometer for everything…

You always wanted to learn more than just math and science, and so you knew you couldn’t do what everyone else was doing.

7. But you got seriously tired of explaining your choice to people…

Specially if those people were elders who found your grades perfectly sufficient for science and commerce.

7 humanities student

8. You couldn’t understand people who studied by “syllabus” and gave practical exams

For you, the world and the people in it were all subjects of study themselves.

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9. You always had a slightly different perspective to things…

For you, things are hardly ever black and white. Grey matter, mattered.

9 humanities student

10. You and your classmates were the creative bunch...

And today, so many of you have grown up to have interesting jobs that everyone else is jealous of.

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