10 Things You’ll Get If You’re *Saving* Yourself For Marriage!

10 Things You’ll Get If You’re *Saving* Yourself For Marriage!
If you’re marrying a man you love and respect, then whether you’re a virgin on your wedding night or not doesn't really matter. But if you are saving yourself for marriage, then you’ll totally get these 10 things...

1. You hope your husband knows more than you do…

Because, well, you are virgin. And it’ll be nice to follow his lead, the first time around.

1 saving yourself for marriage

2. However, you don’t want him to have a lot of practical knowledge of it.

You just want him to be well-read and curious about sex, so that he knows what to do, and how to do it. But because you’ve saved yourself for your marriage, you kinda hope he’s done that too.

3. But you do your groundwork, just in case.

Reading about foreplay, brushing up your flirting skills, buying sexy lingerie… You do the best you can to prepare yourself for an epic night!

3 saving yourself for marriage

4. Your friends continuously discuss and tease you about your “big night”...

And they just can’t stop themselves from commenting about his height, and guessing at his “skills” and “size” from it! Uff!

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5. But the truth is, you are quite nervous about it.

Who knows what may happen? Plus, everyone says it’s painful. Oh lord!

5 saving yourself for marriage

6. You’ve already thought out the many possibilities about when and where exactly “it” may happen!

Whether it’ll happen on your wedding day, in your bedroom, or if it’ll happen later, when you’re on your honeymoon, away from everyone… *Dreaming away*

7. You are kinda glad that you saved yourself…

That jerk who couldn’t value you didn’t deserve you, so it’s all for the good, really.

7 saving yourself for marriage

8. But the “suhaag raat” is too much pressure, really!

What if you just want to catch up on sleep after all those celebrations?

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9. You have too many questions running in your head, and you don’t know who to turn to...

What if you shout with your in-laws sleeping in the next room? What if you don’t enjoy it? Who do you talk to about this?!

9 saving yourself for marriage

10. But every time your fiance comes close to you, and you feel butterflies flutter in your tummy, you know it’s all gonna work out!


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