10 Things You’ll ONLY Get If Your Name Is A Bit Unusual!

10 Things You’ll ONLY Get If Your Name Is A Bit Unusual!
“What’s in a name?” Well, ask someone whose name is always misspelled or mispronounced! You might love your name and feel happy about being unique, but what annoys you the most is that nobody ever gets your name right. No matter how many times you have spelt it for others and taught them the right pronunciation, they just don’t get it right. Here are a few things you’ll get if you always always have to spell your name out for others!

1. EVERYONE spells it wrong. Fact of life.

No explanation required.

1 unusual name

2. People always pause before taking your name...

Your teacher’s in school always paused before pronouncing your name during attendance. Meanwhile, you just sat there waiting for her to try and get your name right.

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3. You try and avoid giving your real name at coffee shops!

You’ve always hated giving out your name at coffee shops, since obviously, it will be wrongly spelt and pronounced. So you give a name that sounds similar to yours and just go with that!

3 unusual name

4. You’re used to replying to any name that sounds even slightly similar to yours...

Since there are so many ways in which people pronounce your name, you have accustomed yourself to the various pronunciations of your name!

5. Giving your email address out to people is a pain!

It is the most irritating thing in the world to give somebody your email address. You literally have to break your name into a million parts and go like, “A for Apple”, “T for Tokyo” and so on.

5 unusual name

6. Even birthday cards aren’t actually addressed to you!

Even your family and friends at times get confused and spell your name wrong while writing you a card on your birthday. But you’ve just stopped caring now and have gotten used to the various spellings and pronunciations your name has been given!

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7. Do you believe in numerology?

Is there an extra ‘A’ in your name because of superstitions or numerology? Agh! No! No! NO!

7 unusual name

8. Official documents gone wrong...

Yes, it’s happened probably more than once that you have had to redo, re-apply and re-submit your official documents since your name was spelt wrong in them.

9. You are one in a million…!

You have hardly come across anyone in the world with the same name as yours. It has always been easy for you to create email addresses and Instagram accounts just with your first name and last name - without any random numbers at the end!

9 unusual name

10. You love your name

No matter what, no matter how many times you need to spell out your name, you love your name and love being unique. It’s your identity and one of the things that makes you stand out - and you are proud of it!

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