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21 Things You Should Start Doing By The Time You're 21!

21 Things You Should Start Doing By The Time You're 21!
The 21st year of your life is important in a lot of ways. It’s that magical year when you are young, free and full of life! The responsibilities still aren't all that many and the time to have fun is in abundance! Oh how we wish we could be 21, forever! Here are 21 things you should start doing by the time you’re 21…

1. Spend some time off social media...

So that you can give time to things and people that actually matter!

2. Stop complaining about the way you look…

Because you’re amazing the way you are! *Relax*

3. Learn to say NO...

Most of us land ourselves in unpleasant situation because of our incapability to say NO! You have to understand that you’re not here just to please the world! Don’t want to meet someone? Say no! Don’t feel like volunteering for a college event? Say no! 3 things you should start doing

4. Come to terms with making mistakes.

Coz every mistake is a lesson in itself. So don’t shy away from making mistakes, but just make sure you learn something from each one!

5. And then take responsibility for those mistakes…

'Coz you’re not a kid anymore, as simple as that. Also read: 7 Things You DON’T Have To “Accomplish” By 21 – Just Breathe!

6. Invest time in improving and enhancing yourself...

This is important, very important. This is the best time to do whatever you can to improve yourself. Remember it takes a lot of time and effort to grow into a woman of substance! 6 things you should start doing

7. Learn to accept changes.

Change is a part of life - the sooner you accept it, the better you’ll be at dealing with all the changes that you are bound to encounter in your life eventually.

8. And challenges!

Yes, you need to learn this too! Life will throw a lot of challenges at you every now and then, so toughen up to face them like a boss!

9. Let go of the love that didn’t last...

Okay, yes it hurts, but you must not let it mess up your life for long. Pick up all of those broken pieces of your heart and get in the flow of life again! 9 things you should start doing

10. Learn the art of forgiveness...

Yes, you read that right! Forgiving people is no less than an art. And once you master it, life will become so much easier.

11. Stop killing time!

Because they say "time is money", and we agree! So instead of wasting your precious time doing things that won't matter in the long run, use it wisely and productively.  

12. Take a stand for yourself.

When you feel that things are not in your favor and people are taking advantage of you - just don’t ever hesitate in taking a stand for yourself or something you believe in. 12 things you should start doing

13. Stay focused on your career.

While having all that fun, don’t forget to pay attention to your career. Work hard enough to get closer to the goals you’ve set for yourself as far as your career is concerned.

14. Clear your vision about what you want from life...

Every person has different expectations from his or her life, figure it out - very clearly - what yours are. To mould your life as per your expectations, first you need to have a clear vision about it!

15. Keep a check on your expenses!

This is the perfect time to learn to manage your financial stats in a better way. So spend that money wisely because you’re one smart woman, aren’t you? 15 things you should start doing

16. Get a hobby!

Everyone has that one thing that they enjoy doing the most. Find that thing and go after it! It doesn't necessarily have to be the thing you want to pursue professionally - everyone needs something to do that de-stresses them! Also read: 25 Mistakes To NOT Be Making When You Turn 25!

17. Indulge in those fascinating adventure sports…

'Coz why not?! You’re a young ball of energy and a little adventure never hurts!

18. Get close to nature...

'Coz that’s one of the easiest ways to seek inner peace and you know you need it! Take out a few minutes every day and take a stroll in the park or just gaze out of the window to look at chirpy birds… The idea is to feel closer to nature and your surroundings! 18 things you should start doing

19. Travel to the places you have always wanted to!

Travel as much and as often as you can because there’s nothing else that would enrich you as much as this would. Plus, the world is too big and too beautiful - so go and explore!

20. Listen to your heart more…

Because your heart knows what’s right for you. But hey, that doesn’t mean you give up on the brain completely!

21. Live life to the fullest…

Each day, every day. Because no matter how much you wish for it, you’re not going to be 21 forever! And you only live once, right? 21 things you should start doing GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr A place where girls can talk about ANYTHING. (No guys allowed!) ? ? Get the POPxo app NOW on Play Store and iOS App Store.