Rishta Meeting? 9 Things NOT To Talk About Right Away!

Rishta Meeting? 9 Things NOT To Talk About Right Away!
This one’s a bit of a turbulent space. You’re walking on eggshells each time you have to do one of those rishta meets, aren’t you? What with the multiple family members involved from both sides, background checks, feedback, that nosy marriage bureau agent, et al – you’re left boggled wondering what topics to talk about, and which ones to steer clear of. Oh, and don’t underestimate the pressure of silent moments that can make you say things you wouldn’t otherwise even dream of talking about in front of this prospective groom. To make such meets a tad bit smooth for you, we list out things you should never talk about in a rishta meeting right away!

1. “How many relationships have you been in, in the past? I have 2 ex boyfriends.”

You’re giving away (and asking for) too much too soon.

2. “Will you live with your parents after marriage? Living with in-laws means a lot of adjustments.”

Yes, it might be quite an adjustment, but these are things to be discussed gradually, after figuring out what his life plans are and the relationship he shares with the rest of his family. This sort of a question could be misinterpreted, so choose a good time and place to talk about this one, girls.

2 talk about in a rishta meet

3. “How much money do you make in a month? Actually, tell me per year, bonus included.”

We understand that this is a common concern, but there are other ways of finding this information out, ladies. And if you must ask him directly, wait to reach a comfort level with him wherein it’s appropriate to ask such questions.

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4. “How many children would you want to have?”

Hold your horses, girls. Save this one for MUCH later.

4 talk about in a rishta meet

5. “Are you a virgin?”

Need we explain this? (Also, really, would you like it if he asked you that question?)

6. “We have 7 mutual friends on Facebook. How do you know [XYZ]?”

Although EVERYONE Facebook and Insta stalks the guy before actually meeting him - making it so obvious might come across in a way you don’t want it to.

6 talk about in a rishta meet

7. “We used to have a joint family, but then there was an ugly separation, after which we moved out of my ancestral home, and my father was let go from his company and had to look for a new job… We’ve been through some rough times.”

Sharing personal problems is a big no in the initial rishta meets.

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8. “I want to have a big fat wedding, JUST like in the movies!” *Blush*

Yes, you’ve dreamt of having the perfect wedding, but share those dreams only when you know you both are going to be marrying each other.  

8 talk about in a rishta meet

9. “Nice meeting you. So, you want to marry me or not?”

Umm… wait for him to get back home, process this and then give you an answer, yeah?

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