Less Cost, Better Fit: 11 Items To Get Tailored & Not Buy! | POPxo
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Less Cost, Better Fit: 11 Items To Get Tailored & Not Buy!

Less Cost, Better Fit: 11 Items To Get Tailored & Not Buy!

Dear Girls, We know, shopping is such a great feeling. We won’t deny, the world seems perfect only till you realize that the pants you bought are sagging at the butt, or a dress you loved in the store makes your chest look huge. It’s all just so upsetting. Here is exactly where you should ask your tailor to step in. Getting an item custom-made for your body is always a great idea. And you cannot undermine the relief it is for your pocket. Here are a few things you should get tailored instead of buying. These can give you as much of a thrill as shopping, maybe even more!

1. Desi Kurtas/Kurtis

Kurtis are the easiest things to get tailored. Your tailor can customize it in the best way possible. From the neckline to the length, It’s all in his hands!

2. Gorgeous Blouses

2 things you should get tailored Image: Ami Patel on Instagram You might be lured by the ready-made blouses available in the market (we don’t blame you..they’re just so pretty), but here’s why you shouldn’t buy them. Firstly, they will cost you a fortune. Secondly, a tailor-made blouse would give you a much better fit than it’s counterpart and also, you can get the exact same design made with or without cups! That might not be possible with ready-made ones. You might prefer the fabric of one blouse but the design of some other. So, it’s better to get it stitched ladies, that way you can choose and design every little detail Tip: If you’re not planning on getting cups stitched in your blouse, then wear the bra that you would wear with the blouse while getting measured. It will help you get a better fit.
Also read: 8 New & Amazing Styles In Indian Wear To Inspire Your Tailor!

3. Formal Trousers

A lot of us find it quite a task to find trousers that fit us perfectly all over. Either they aren’t the perfect length or are loose at some places while tighter in others. So, you should get them stitched rather than buying. You’ll save money, plus you can score the right fit for your body.

4.Palazzos And Wide Legged Pants

4 things you should get tailored Image: Ami Patel on Instagram “Really? Who gets palazzos or wide legged pants stitched?” must be the question running in your head right now. But we have a valid point here because you must’ve always faced length issues while buying them. They are usually longer than they should be. That’s a good enough reason to put your tailor at work. Plus, you can also control just how flared you want them to be.

5. Maxi Dresses

We are strongly recommending this from our personal experiences. Nothing can be better than a tailor made maxi dress.There will be no baggy ‘elastic lines’ around the waist and no droopy necklines. Trust us, you will love the way it turns out to be.
Tip: Try using your mom’s old sarees as raw material for maxi dresses.They can do wonders.

6. Classy Blazers

6 things you should get tailored Image: Ami Patel on Instagram An ideal blazer should be nipped in at the waist and fit you like a glove. And judging by the different body proportions that every individual has, It might not be a wise decision to buy a blazer that is made to fit the generic masses. A tailor made blazer will give you just the right fit.

7. Pant Suits/ Skirt Suits

A pant or skirt suit should be the classiest piece in a woman’s wardrobe. It should be made exclusively to fit you. Plus, if you were to buy it, it would probably cost you a fortune. We strongly recommend going for a tailor-made outfit so that you have the liberty to choose everything - from your fabric to the neckline to the color. Also read: 8 Amazing Kurti Styles To Inspire Your Tailor!

8. Formal Bodycon dresses

8 things you should get tailored
Image: Ami Patel on Instagram We know how difficult it is to find the perfect bodycon dress that accentuates your body and hugs you in all the right places. We would suggest getting your tailor in for the business.

9. Reversible Jackets

They are really easy to stitch and you really do not need to spend too much money to buy them. Just ask your tailor to help and you can have two pieces for the price of one. Plus, you get to handpick the designs for both sides. Tip: You can use your old kurtis and get them made into beautiful jackets.

10. Pretty Pencil Skirts

10 things you should get tailored Image: Ami Patel on Instagram There are two things that directly influence how good a pencil skirt will look on you - the fit and the length. Unfortunately, ready-made skirts are betrayers in this context. You might never be able to find the perfect length or fit for you as they are made according to the standard sizes. So, it is better to get them tailored to ensure that they fit you like a dream and to control how short/long you want it.

11. Night Suits

Okay, this is not an essential part of the list but still, you can get a variety of options made for yourself that might not be available in the market until you spend a lot of money.
Featured Image: Shutterstock
Published on Aug 25, 2016
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