11 Things You Can ONLY Learn From Your Younger Brother!

11 Things You Can ONLY Learn From Your Younger Brother!
Ladies, if you have grown up with a lil devil that people like to call a younger brother, say aye! When they are babies, it’s all cool. They eat, poop, cry and that’s all about it. And you are really not the one worrying about any of these. The real game starts when they grow up a little. They become these tiny packages of mischief, there is just no escaping from. But here are a few things you can actually learn from them...

1. What baby sitting *really* means

You can sulk, cry and turn up your nose all you want but there is no escape from this one. Sure, putting him to bed can be a pain, but as you babysit him you learn what it really means to be a big sis and how to be responsible for someone other than yourself.

1 younger brother

2. To be chilled out, have fun and not think too much!

In his own little ways he teaches you to have fun and to not take life too seriously. He is the one person who can give you legit lessons in “How to be chilled out in life 101”.

2 younger brother

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3. Watching cartoons is okay even if you are over twenty!

You are never too old to watch Tom and Jerry! This is how he teaches you never to let the kid inside you die!

3 younger brother

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4. Sharing can actually be fun!

At first you might have disliked the fact that you had to share everything, from your childhood toys to the last piece of chocolate, with him. But then you realized, that jokes weren’t as funny and midnight maggi wasn’t as fun, without sharing it all with him.

4 younger brother

5. How to laugh at yourself!

This is actually one of the biggest life lessons he can teach you. When you make a fool of yourself, he is sure to laugh and point, but that is exactly how he teaches you to accept that you goofed up and laugh it off instead of sulking or being embarrassed about it.

5 younger brother

6. You can’t always win at everything. And that’s okay!

Face it. He will not let you win at everything and in fact he won’t let you win at most things! This is how you learn that it's okay to lose at times, and how not to take defeat to your heart. In fact, you will realize over time, that sometimes losing is more fun than winning.

6 younger brother

7. How to wrestle effectively even if you are not big and strong!

He might just be able to reach your elbow but he can give you some great lessons in punching and kicking! So, if ever any guy tries to mess with you, he is in for a chokeslam and/or a dhobi pachaad, depending upon how mad he made you!

7 younger brother

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8. All about the Gen Y code!

Whether you like it or not, your younger brother is going to turn out to be somewhat cooler than you. He can teach you a lot about the Gen Y - their bro codes and slangs and abbreviations and what not!

8 younger brother

9. The latest pranks in the prankster world!

No one, we repeat NO ONE can beat him at this. So you become the girl who knows the coolest and weirdest pranks because either he has told you about them or because he has played them on you!

9 younger brother

10. You don’t just leave chocolate lying around!

Unless you want it to be eaten! There is absolutely no other reason or explanation to leave it half eaten and out in the open. Either eat the whole of it or don’t expect to see it again. Lesson learnt?

10 younger brother

11. Life can feel like a PITA (pain in the a**), but you will always have someone to laugh it off with…

Because at the end of the day, you are siblings and you love each other to the moon and back. Even when the whole world does not believe in you, or makes fun of you or makes you feel small, he will be right beside you. He may be laughing at you but he will never let go of your hand.

11 younger brother

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