13 Things We Wish We Could Say To Guys Who Stare At Our Boobs!

13 Things We Wish We Could Say To Guys Who Stare At Our Boobs!
We know our twins are a pretty sight, but unless we’ve given you special permission to do so, you can’t stare at them. You’d think guys would get this one simple, unsaid rule, right? Unfortunately, some of them don’t. Here’s a list curated specially for creeps who unabashedly stare at our boobs, and need to be told to stop. Go ahead girls, use these comebacks, as frequently as you want:

1. Hi, I am up here.

2. No, they don’t magically grow if you stare at them creepily. Thanks for trying, though.

2 stare at our boobs

3. Were you successful? With what, you ask? Oh, I am sorry, I thought you were practising your X-ray vision in trying to look past my shirt.

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4. Here’s a fun fact for you. We know when you aren’t looking at our face. Surprising, isn’t it?4 stare at our boobs

5. *Looks down at her chest* What interesting conversation are you two having, make me a part of it, please?

6. There’s no good hill station up there, sadly! You might want to actually google where you want to go instead of staring aimlessly.

6 stare at our boobs

7. Some day when you have enough money, you can get breast implants and stare at them all day long.

8. Oh, you’re admiring my necklace, I thought you were staring for so long at something else. You know how some men are total perverts…

8 stare at our boobs

9. It’s okay, you don’t have to keep an eye on them. They’re not gonna run away!

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10. I hate making eye contact with people. Thank god for my boobs, and perverts like you.

10 stare at our boobs

11. Unfortunately, they don’t talk. You’ll just have to stop trying to have a conversation with them.

12. Yeah, go ahead, keep looking. That’s as close as you’ll ever get.

12 stare at our boobs

13. Hi. Excuse me, do you work at a lingerie store? No? Oh, I thought you were trying really hard to guess at my size...

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