Is He The Husband-To-Be? 13 Questions To Find The Answers To! | POPxo
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Is He The Husband-To-Be? 13 Questions To Find The Answers To!

Is He The Husband-To-Be? 13 Questions To Find The Answers To!

Marrying someone means sharing your meals, your trips, your kids, your entire life with them, for ever. And that’s a huge commitment to make. So, before you take the plunge, make sure you have answers to these 13 questions about your future husband.

1. What is his equation with his mum and his siblings?

‘Coz if he can’t love the people who have made him what he is today wholeheartedly, chances are that he can’t love anyone else that much either. So if you find that he understands his family’s needs, know that he will accommodate your needs just as well.
1 know about him

2. What’s his daily routine like?

‘Coz this will help you understand his likes, dislikes, interests and personality better. And that is valuable information to ascertain if you’d be able to live with him and spend a lifetime together or not.

3. How many friends does he count as close ones? What does he have to say about them?

You can say a lot about a man from the kind of company he keeps. So see how many friends he actually counts as being close to him. And then listen carefully to what he has to say about them, for that will reveal whether he truly loves and respects the people who are close to him, or if he takes them for granted and keeps them around just so that he has some company. 3 know about him

4. What does he splurge on?

For whatever it is that he doesn’t think twice before spending on is what his heart is set upon - whether it’s clothes, shoes, or maybe his education. And that can reveal to you what he values most.
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5. What are his dreams?

Does he dream to save enough to watch Messi play live at FIFA, or does he want to to own multiple cars and properties one day? You need to know his dreams to align them to your own, and make them both come true. 5 know about him

6. What does he want from his life partner?

Does he want her to take care of his home and family, or does he want her to contribute financially towards the maintenance of his life too? Even emotionally, what does he expect from you? Does he expect you to let him have his space or does he want you to stick around when he is at his lowest? You need to know what he expects from you, and if you are willing to give that to him.

7. When does he want to start a family?

Even though you may feel it’s a bit too early to pop this question, it’s important to be on the same page regarding this discussion. For if you two are going to be parents, you both need to be prepared for it, and so you need to know what it is that he wants.
7 know about him

8. What his idea of fun is...

It could be that your future husband isn’t the type to go clubbing and partying, and that’s okay, as long as that’s not the way you like to chill either. But if that’s not the case, it could cause fights and friction between you two. So know what his idea of fun is and if it suits yours. Also read: Dear Future Husband, 12 Questions I Really Want To Ask You!

9. Does he believe in sharing household chores?

Or does he expect the maintenance of the house to be completely your prerogative, without any help from him? For if you aren’t okay with this unequal division of domestic chores, you must let him know about your expectations too! 9 know about him

10. Is he willing to support you in your dreams?

You have to let him know what individual plans you have for your own life, and then observe if he believes in them and is willing to struggle along with you for them. For your dreams make you who you are, and you don’t have to be with someone who doesn’t value them.

11. Is he spiritual or religious? Does he expect you to follow the same?

It’s faith that keeps us going, and even though it’s a very personal choice, it is always good to know what keeps the other person believing and persevering, and if he is tolerant towards others’ ideas and beliefs or not.
11 know about him

12. Is he in any kind of financial debt?

‘Coz you obviously don’t want to marry someone and find yourself in debt that requires you to slog through your life. Understand what his financial situation is, and then decide for yourself if you’re okay with it.

13. What diseases he’s had as a child...

It is important to not only know each other’s medical history, but also to get yourselves checked to steer clear of the threat of STDs before getting married, as well as figuring out if your future kids might be at risk of congenital issues. It is important to visit your doctor to ensure no such diseases of the past or the present puts your children at risk in the future. 13 know about him GIFs: Giphy A place where girls can talk about ANYTHING. (No guys allowed!) ? ? Get the POPxo app NOW on Play Store and iOS App Store.
Published on Aug 19, 2016
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