8 Things To Keep In Mind When You’re Buying Your Bridal Makeup

8 Things To Keep In Mind When You’re Buying Your Bridal Makeup
Whether you’re just about to tie the knot or you’re a newlywed, it’s important to look your best at every family gathering and function. In the midst of all the running about, you may not have the time to visit a salon. That’s why you need to own your own stash of makeup products. Here are 8 things to keep in mind while buying makeup for your trousseau. Read this before you go shopping!

1. Know your shade!

1 makeup for your trousseau

Be it foundation or lipsticks, always make sure that you choose the right product for your skin tone. Buy something that brings out your best features. Test products before you purchase them, and once you’ve settled for the perfect shade, you’re free to stock up on amazing products!

2. Always pick quality over quantity

Never settle for low-quality makeup or skincare products. Look at splurging on quality products as an investment. Not only will they last longer, they will also give you better results. Versatile makeup products are a great option too. Look for products that can do more that one job (Eye and cheek palettes, for example) They will save you time, space and energy!

3. It’s all about longevity

3 makeup for your trousseau

As a bride-to-be, you’ll be expected to attend long ceremonies and functions. You might not always have the time to reapply your makeup, so invest in products that are designed to last for long hours. Look for keywords like super long-lasting, 24-hour or even continuous wear. Also, don’t feel shy about asking the salespeople for help and advice!

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4. Read as many reviews as you can

Buying makeup for your trousseau is an important investment. Before putting your money down, it’s best to read up on reviews of the product you’re intending to buy. There are a bunch of customers, beauty bloggers and professionals who write honest reviews about the products they’ve bought. It will give you a better insight of what you’re getting yourself into.

5. Buy only what is required

5 makeup for your trousseau

You don’t have to buy everything anew. If you have products that work well for you, stick to them. Buying makeup without a checklist is a big no, especially when it’s for your wedding trousseau! Buy only what is required or else the products could go to waste and expire without being used. Before visiting the beauty store, make a list of the products you really need.

6. Choose the right concealer for your skin type.

A concealer and foundation are poles apart. A foundation offers full coverage, while a concealer is meant to conceal small areas that have blemishes. You’ll need both if you’re doing your own makeup for a function. If your skin is dry, try using liquid concealers. For panda eyes, a concealer that offers medium coverage should do the trick.

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7. Always buy the small size first

7 makeup for your trousseau

If you’re buying a product or trying a new brand out, it’s always safer to not buy the bigger size. It may save you a few bucks initially, but if you don’t like the product or it doesn’t agree with your skin, then it’s a complete waste of money. Hence, it’s safer to buy the smallest bottle as you can always upgrade later on.  

8. It’s okay to ask for help or a second opinion

And finally, always ask for help or a second opinion if you’re unsure. Ask a friend or a relative to come along with you and help you make the best buy. A difference in opinion and mutual agreement can help you make the right choice. Good luck!

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