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11 Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Booking Your Florist

11 Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Booking Your Florist

Roses or lilies? Genda or guldavari? The list of flowers to choose from is endless. Even though kids present at weddings typically end up pulling down all the flowers and playing with them, flowers do remain a crucial part of wedding décor. It is important for you to find a florist who will understand the design style you have in mind for your big day. To make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of things you would need to keep in mind before finalising your florist.

1. Keep in mind that there are different types of florists

There are different types of florists and services available in the market and it is essential for you to understand the difference between them. There are retail florists - which are the roadside shops where you stop by to buy a bouquet of roses. They are good for small orders, but not recommended for big events. Then there are floral designers who specialize in combining flowers with other décor elements for your wedding. 1 florists for your wedding

2. What kind of décor?

It is essential for you to discuss with your fiancé and your family whether you all want simple decorations or you want to go all out with elaborate decor for all the functions. This will help you decide on the kind of florist you need for your wedding. Also read: 7 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning Your Wedding Menu!

3. Venues and timings of the functions are important

The venue plays an integral part in deciding the flower decoration for your wedding. There are different types of décor for indoor and outdoor settings. If it’s an indoor setting, the size of the room and height of the ceiling matters. And if it is an outdoor setting, the area and structure of the venue matters.
The time of the function - day or evening - also plays an important role here. Some flowers look beautiful in the day, while others look better in the evening with the lighting enhancing their beauty. All these are important factors in drawing up a budget for the décor, and thus it is essential to decide the venue and timing for your wedding functions well in advance. 3 florists for your wedding

4. Flowers are seasonal!

Since flowers are seasonal, it is important to find out which ones are available during the time of your wedding. And just in case your favourite flowers don’t bloom during the time you’re getting married, don’t be heartbroken - there are enough substitutes in the market. Make it a point to discuss this with your florist, and plan accordingly.

5. What’s your budget?

You need to set a budget for your wedding décor and flower arrangements. Give your florists a rough idea of how much you are willing to spend. It is essential to find out the market rate to make sure you are not being overcharged. Take a quote from at least 2-3 florists before zeroing down on one, so you know that the amount you’re spending on decor is a legit sum.
5 florists for your wedding

6. Make sure you meet different florists

All florists do not do the same thing - they all have their unique style and experience in the field. Meet a good number of florists before you finally decide on one. Also make sure you have a look at some pictures of work done by them in the past. Also read: Planning A Destination Wedding? 7 Essentials To Keep In Mind!

7. Create a mood board

Before making up your mind on your wedding décor, browse the internet for wedding decor ideas. You will get a lot of help in terms of colour schemes, patterns and arrangements. Carry this mood board with you when you go to meet your florists. This will help them understand exactly what you have in mind. 7 florists for your wedding

8. Do your homework

Be clear about the flowers you want to use and their names. Rather than saying, “I want white flowers”, be sure whether you mean white roses or white lilies. You don’t want any miscommunication between you and your florist.

9. The florist’s schedule?

Ask your florist his/ her schedule for your wedding day and whether or not he has any other bookings for the same day. If he does, make it a point to clearly discuss with him his plan to manage both the events, and find out if he has enough labour, flower distributors and transportation to execute everything.
9 florists for your wedding

10. Plan it with your photographer

Since flowers would be an essential part of your mandap and stage, and most of the pictures are clicked at these particular spots, have a discussion with your photographer about which flowers and colours photograph best. Also, make sure your wedding dress does not clash with the colour scheme of the decor.

11. Don’t forget the jaimalas!

It is always the florist who arranges the jaimalas. Confirm this with him and discuss the design of the jaimala you would want! 11 florists for your wedding GIFs: Giphy
Published on Aug 8, 2016
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