Short Courtship Period? 10 Cute Ways To Get To Know Each Other!

Short Courtship Period? 10 Cute Ways To Get To Know Each Other!
Not everyone has the privilege to get to know their soon-to-be husband well before the wedding, have a mad love affair, bond over multiple dinners/ lunches/ nights out/ vacays and just live it up during the dating phase or a nice and long courtship. Heard of couples who have a chatt mangni, patt byaah? We’re talking about them – ones who have a super short courtship period in which they need to be having their cutesy love affair, late night phone conversations, planning their wedding, spending time with theirs and each other’s families and friends, et al. Fret not – if you’re taking the express route from your engagement/ roka to your wedding, here’s how you can bond with the fiancé and make time for your mad love phase even if your courtship is super short.

1. Call each other last thing before sleeping, and first thing when you both wake up - EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Because these are the sweetest goodnight and good morning wishes, aren’t they? In the morning, ask him how he slept and what dreams he had, and tell him about yours too.

1 short courtship period

2. Plan out your weekend in advance, make your bookings and have a blast!

And don’t discount the excitement that you both will share as the lead-up to a lunch at that restaurant you’ve both been wanting to try. While making these bookings, do begin to plan and book your honeymoon as well, ladies.

3. Share your adorbs baby photos with each other, and embarrassing high school clicks too!

Most of us have those adorable baby photos of ourselves and some hugely embarrassing pictures from our teenage years, don’t we? Sharing these with your fiance is a great way bond and create a decent comfort level. Never mind all the mocking and jokes that follow! ;)

3 short courtship period

4. Nothing like long drives, late into the night…

… And don’t forget to hold hands throughout, ladies. Remember, some of the most interesting chats can happen when you both aimlessly drive around the city just to get time with one another.

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5. Call him over for your mommy’s home-cooked dinners and let his relationship with your family grow.

Having a nice home-cooked meal together and sitting at the dining table long after everyone’s through with dessert and green tea because the gossiping won’t end - you want those moments between him and your family so he feels welcome into this new bunch.

5 short courtship period

6. Consciously make plans to get to know his friends and family.

It could be over a coffee or maybe a long Sunday brunch with his cousins or his group of friends. Ask them for all his stories and those moments that they’ve shared together. This is a great way to get to know him - to listen to what his closest people have to say about him.

7. Set aside a day to take him through your memory lane – take him to your school, college, your favourite restaurants and to the chaat-waale bhaiya whose golgappas you’ve grown up eating.

Of course, go to his fav places/ spots on another day. Involving one in the other’s life is the whole point of it, isn’t it?

7 short courtship period

8. Share, share and then share some more!

Now is the time for both of you to really get to know each other. Talk about your family, friends, past relationships, ideologies, life plans, et al.

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9.  Book a nice, long spa together.

‘Coz couples’ spas can be so relaxing and fun. Sitting together and getting a massage can actually be a nice way to spend some time together, ladies. Take a 2-hour break, both of you, and get away from all the wedding planning madness.

9 short courtship period

10. Sign up at the gym together or go for runs at a park

Yes, you make not look your best when you’re sweating and gasping for breath, but that shouldn’t be something that harms your relationship. Besides, most brides and grooms want to be absolutely fit before the big day. Kill two birds with one stone, we say!

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