Psst! Did You Know Guys Find *These* Things Sexy?!

Psst! Did You Know Guys Find *These* Things Sexy?!
Women have answers to everything in life and rarely do they let something go unnoticed, right? Women never forget anything and they always pay attention to the little details. But even through all scrutiny, it is possible to miss a few things. For example, we bet you didn’t know about some of these not-so-common things that men find sexy about women!

1. Her confidence

Nothing turns a guy on like an extremely confident women. They like women who are not afraid to be who they are and can take charge of any situation.

1 things that men find sexy

2. How she tucks her hair behind her ears

We asked a few men about why they find this attractive and sexy. They didn’t have a definite answer. They just do!

3. Her sense of humour

Everyone has a unique sense of humour. Some you get, some you don't! So when a guy finds a girl whose sense of humour matches his, he's instantly hooked!

3 things that men find sexy

4. That twinkle in her eye

Yes, it happens. When a woman talks or feels passionately about something it shows in her eyes. It shows in her eyes even if she doesn’t utter a word. There’s nothing quite like a passionate woman.

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5. How she giggles

Giggles are cutest and when a woman giggles, a man just cannot resist it.

5 things that men find sexy

6. The fact that she knows how to play a musical instrument

Music is a form of art and knowing how to play a musical instrument suddenly gives that person an extra edge. Men totally dig this about women!

7.  If she’s into sports

Every single guy on the planet follows one or the other kind of sport and when he finds a woman who shares the same kind of love for the game, he doesn’t need or want to look any further.

7 things that men find sexy

8. How she handles her drink

Yes, we have all made a fool out of ourselves by taking that one extra drink. But if a woman can drink that extra drink with grace, that’s totally sexy.

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9. How independent she is

Independence reeks of sexiness. No one likes a woman who is more dependent on people around her than herself. And any man would voluntarily follow an independent woman like the mice followed the Pied Piper!

9 things that men find sexy

10. How she behaves around his friends

If a woman can easily mingle with his guy friends and just have a good time, men see this is a sign of compatibility, and in turn, super sexy! For a man to date a woman, approval from his friends means a lot to him.

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