7 Things That CAN’T Get You Pregnant! (Don’t Worry!)

7 Things That CAN’T Get You Pregnant! (Don’t Worry!)

We all have first times and moments that leave us feeling completely unsure of what just happened. The same is true with getting physically intimate with your partner. There are times when you just aren’t sure of how far you went or what the consequences of your actions might be.

Common Doubts About Pregnancy

Well, we’re here to help you get rid of at least some of those doubts. Because ladies, there are some things that just cannot get you pregnant. So if he does these 7 things you will not get pregnant! You can stop worrying now!

1. If he kisses you…

Ladies, no, some mouth to mouth action will really not lead to you getting pregnant! So please, make out all you want and quit being paranoid every time the guy kisses you! Even many teens think that breast kissing causes pregnancy, let me tell you guys, it does not!

2. If he goes down on you...

So the good thing about him going down on you is that it can feel great, lead you to an orgasm and still, definitely, not get you pregnant!

cannot get you pregnant 2

3. If he uses his hands to pleasure you...

Another thing that cannot get you pregnant is this thing called “fingering”. Often heard that term, haven’t you? It’s also something most couples start with before they proceed to sex. His fingers won’t ejaculate, and therefore, no chance of you getting anywhere even close to pregnant!

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4. If he rubs his penis against your vagina…

Again, unless he enters you and then ejaculates while he’s still inside, you cannot get pregnant. A little rubbing will lead to no such thing. It could, however, lead to an orgasm!

cannot get you pregnant 4

5. If he dry humps you...

Okay, so clothes on or not, dry humping or anything that does not include intercourse means that you get a little action without him actually placing his penis inside your vagina. You cannot get pregnant. Simple.

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6. If he gives you a “love bite”...

After all of the explanations above, I think it would suffice to say that you need no more. But still, listen - him caressing you or kissing your neck, or even giving you a hickey will not lead to you getting pregnant. EVEN if he manages to break the skin. Have no doubt!

cannot get you pregnant 6

7. Come anywhere but inside you…

It all comes down to this one very basic thing. Unless you have sex, and he comes inside your vagina - not on your stomach, not while you’re going down on him, not while you are giving him a handjob, not even around your vaginal region or boobs - but actually inside you while having sex, there is no way you can get pregnant.

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