10 Things That Are Simply NOT Worth Fighting Over With Him

10 Things That Are Simply NOT Worth Fighting Over With Him
Every couple has their own set of problems and they have their own way of working through them too. It’s not always sunshine and butterflies in any relationship but some fights are totally unnecessary. And many of them can easily be avoided if we, the girlfriends, just learn how to let go of some of the smaller issues. Here are some such things that are just not worth fighting over with him!

1. Ex flames

Ex-crushes, ex-girlfriends, ex-flings, ex-part-time flings, whoever! There is no point staying hung up on the past because it gets you nowhere. He is with you for a reason, so trust him. If he is constantly in touch with them and it annoys you, talk it out like adults. Fighting and letting jealousy creep in will only make things sour.

1 Not worth fighting over

2. Not showing enough PDA on social media

Many men, in general, don’t feel the need to be on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform the way many women do. Men show their love through other things, like introducing you to his best friends, taking you home to meet his folks... These are things that matter to them. If he happens to not “like” one of your photos or posts, don’t make it a big deal.

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3. Not replying on time...

Or forgetting to reply. Some days when he wakes up, the only thing on his mind is how late he already is. Some nights he will eventually just fall asleep watching something. These things happen. Don’t condemn him for not replying to you or not calling you back on time. Give him his time and space. He’s yours already!

3 Not worth fighting over

4. When he zones out

It just happens okay. We all sometimes zone out and think of the most random things. Yes, it could be about an elephant in the circus too! Don’t keep questioning him about what’s on his mind or if he’s pissed at you. Men don’t know how to be cryptic like we do, so if he is mad at you, he will tell you so. If you keep asking him and annoying him, it will just lead to another useless fight. So, remember, when the time is right, he will tell you what's on his mind.

5. If he spends more time with this friends

Always remember that even though he loves you, he loves his friends with his whole heart too. These friends are his brothers and he will give his life for them. If he spends a little more time with them on a certain day, don’t be jealous, rather be happy that he has such wonderful friends that take care of him and have his back.

5 Not worth fighting over

6. When he rebukes you for taking too much time to get ready

Let’s admit it, most of us are guilty of this. We pay too much mind to our appearance and take a lot of time getting ready. While this happens, he is forced to wait. Generally, boyfriends don’t say anything but we should never push their buttons. Once or twice when he says a word or two about how you take so much time to get dressed, accept it because he has a point. Don’t start a fight over it.

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7. When he ignores you while watching a game

Again, men like their “me time” and love to watch the game uninterrupted. Well, while he is lost in his game, why don’t you get lost in a world that you like too? Plus, if your favourite movie was on, you wouldn't pay him much attention either. So it's only fair!

7 Not worth fighting over

8. Stuff he has kept from his previous relationships

Some gifts, letters, things from the past matter a lot. Again, all you have to remember is that when the time is right, he will get rid of it. In fact, he will ask for your help too. Just because he has kept some stuff does not mean he loves you less and his ex a little more. You have to be able to give it time.

9. When he forgets important dates

It happens to the best of us. Not a big deal. Just remind him beforehand if it really matters to you. Or easier still, just add reminders for all the dates you want him to remember on his phone!  Really, why fight over such things? As long as he loves you and is there for you on those special days, it's all good right?

9 Not worth fighting over

10. For not opening up to you

In every relationship, it takes some time to open up and start being comfortable with each other. Because some men share a lot less than women do, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise. When he trusts you completely, he will tell you everything - from his hopes and dreams to his wildest fantasies!

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