13 CRAZY Things People Say If You Suddenly Wear Lipstick!

13 CRAZY Things People Say If You Suddenly Wear Lipstick!
There are two types of girls in the world - ones who love lipstick and the ones who just swear by lip balm and will do so for the rest of their lives. However, when the second kind does decide to sport some lipstick on a certain day, the world has a few things to say about it.

1. “Aww, you finally look like a lady”

Why, thank you very much. Maybe you should put on some manners and you will start looking like a human being.

1 start wearing lipstick

2. “Oh my God, you’re going on a date! Aren’t you?”

Why, yes! How did you know? The only reason I felt like applying lipstick on today is just so I could impress a guy.

3. “Did you get a promotion?”

How utterly wonderful of you to think so highly of me. Yes, I did get a promotion (not). How on earth would I be able to afford this lipstick otherwise?

3 start wearing lipstick

4. “Do you have makeup on?”

Uhm, no? Just lipstick. Just.

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5. “You look nice today. What have you done?”

Nothing really but thanks for reminding me that I looked ugly every other day. *Applies an unnecessary second coat of lipstick*

5 start wearing lipstick

6. “I think a different shade would suit you better”

Well, thank you very much for your opinion but honestly, I don’t recall asking for it. Do you?

7. “Who are you trying to impress?”

You, of course! Why on earth would I apply lipstick otherwise? My eyes are all on you. And yours shouldn't leave me now!

7 start wearing lipstick

8. “About time, huh?”

“About time” for what exactly? Are you trying to imply that I should have started using lipsticks ages ago? What do you mean, no seriously, what do you mean?

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9. “Are you okay?”

Yes, yes I am. Dude, seriously why is this such a huge deal?

9 start wearing lipstick

10. “You kinda look like Ronald Mcdonald”

Aww, thanks man! Do you think I could get a “Happy Meal” for free?

11. “Are you slowly going to start giving makeup tutorials too?”

No. What? Why? No.

11 start wearing lipstick

12. “You will finally find someone!”

Damn, I wish I had known earlier that lipsticks have this magical power of hooking people up.

13. “You’re trying to make him regret breaking up with you, right?”

Firstly, none of your business. Secondly, stop assuming things. Please!

13 start wearing lipstick

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