Lassi Cheers! 10 Things ONLY A Punjabi Girl Will Understand!

Lassi Cheers! 10 Things ONLY A Punjabi Girl Will Understand!
If a non-Punjabi person were to enter a Punjabi household, they are sure to have raised eyebrows and a mouth agape. But if you have grown up in a Punjabi family, you will know what we are talking about...

1. “Lohri bai lohri, jeewe teri jodi…

Lohri means rewdi, moongfali, gachak accompanied by this chant around the fire! And you have done that every single year even though you have no clue what the complete chant is so you just repeat the chorus over and over again till your daddyji, chachajis and taujis give you shagun (read: money).

2. Wedding dancing is never complete without “Taare gin gin yaad ch teri, main taan jagaan raataan nu…”

And if the DJ ain’t turning down the volume at "ho ho ho ho" then you got the wrong DJ!

2 Punjabi girl

3. You know the 3 Bs of Punjabis - Bhangra, beer, butter!

Punjab might as well be spelt as PUNJABBBI! And the one B that can overrule, overpower and overrun all the other Bs is Biji! :-P

4. You had a nickname as a kid, that almost got the better of your real one!

'Coz most people forgot your name was Gurpreet. You have been called Guppi for as long as you can remember!

4 Punjabi girl

5. Lassi cheers is a real thing!

The only thing that beats patiala peg is lassi! And yes, the whole family does the “Cheeeeers!”

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6. You're never fat… You’re a khaande peende ghar di kudi!

And there is no concept of a diet in your ghar. #DietWhatDiet

6 Punjabi girl

7. You often feel that if the directors of daily soaps were to place a camera in your house they would get a whole new TV serial!

Because so much drama and entertainment. You just cannot be bored!

8. Chittar and chandd - shaping Punjabi kids for a better future since forever!

“Dassan tenu?” is the cue that one or both of them are on their way.

8 Punjabi girl

9. All the auntijis meet over the weekends to discuss important life events like…

“Falaane de munde ne pata ki keha?” and “Ohdi kudi da vyaah kadon aa?” and “Haye rabba ohne eddan kiddan chadd ditti job?" Let's be honest, it's the most entertaining part of your weekend!

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10. You have gone back for second rounds of karha parshaad!

Because it is undoubtedly the tastiest thing in the entire world!

10 Punjabi girl

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