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Filmy College vs Real College: 13 Things That DON’T Happen!

Filmy College vs Real College: 13 Things That DON’T Happen!

Ever since I first saw Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, I couldn’t wait for my college life to start! Everything looked so glorious... I used to proudly tell my friends, “Life will start only when college does!” Then college started and...there was no slow walking in heels while my hair lightly flew with the wind and heads turned to look at me in awe! *panic attack* Are you facing a similar situation? Is college nothing like what you saw in movies? Your brilliantly unreal expectations, thanks to bollywood have left you feeling dejected? Well, relax. You’re not the only one. Here’s 13 things that happen in filmy college life but would never happen in reality!

1. Arriving in a fancy car

Remember Hrithik from K3G? Coming to college in that fancy red car? Yeah, no, forget about it. The best you’ll get is a second-hand Santro with a huge dent in the back and to be honest, your friends will love you for that as well!

2. Finding "The One" on your first day

“You enter the college gates, trip over something and land in the arms of your soulmate!” is more like “You enter the college gates, keep trying to date through Tinder and still graduate single!” 2 filmy college life

3. Sweet-talking with teachers

Trust me, if you think you can be late for your class and sweet-talk the teacher into letting you in, you can forget about it. They don’t care and they don’t want to know. Because rule number 1 is - if you are late for class, don’t bother coming at all!

4. Where’s my background music though?

This was, without a doubt, the most disappointing part for me. Why are there no violins playing when I finally saw at a cute guy and where’s my signature tune when I walk into class? Why does only Alia Bhatt get that? Why, Bollywood, why?! 4 filmy college life

5. Mini-skirts? Yeah, right!

How am I going to cross over my legs and sleep during the lecture then? I spent all of my college life waking up late for class and then running to college in my cotton pajamas, much like the rest of my class! Mini-skirts and heels are NOT a fashion statement in college! Also read: 7 Crazy Things That Are Totally Normal In A Girls’ Hostel!

6. Party? Sure! Are you paying for my drinks?

How do these college kids in movies end up partying every weekend at these hi-fi places? Partying for us meant cheap food and cheaper booze (from the theka if at all); that’s about it.
6 filmy college life

7. The first day college enemy

Just like you will not make BFFs on your first day, you will not make any long-term enemies, unlike Madhavan and Saif in RHTDM and it’s not that unusual to live an uneventful, enemy-free college life. Even though we love that masala in movies, real life is actually better off without it!

8. Hot teachers? Umm…

...nope. No Sush from Main Hoon Na or Saif from Kurbaan romancing you away to glory. 8 filmy college life

9. Clean canteens

No college canteen looks like a five-star hotel lobby, unlike what we see in movies. Those are just camera tricks, guys. Your college canteen will have broken seats and fans that won’t work and unhygienic food and you know what? That’s what makes it special!

10. Trips every weekend

Even though you’d like to make this one come true, it’s not gonna happen. You will be able to pull off one successful trip in all your college life, exactly the way you dreamed of. And then you’d have to derive happiness from those memories from time to time. *cries* 10 filmy college life

11. Amazing house (for outstation students)

Konkana Sen Sharma from Wake Up Sid? Remember her drool worthy apartment? If you have been hoping you will do something similar to your place once you move to a different city for studies, you might have to hold back your reins. You won't have the money, time or energy to any of that DIY stuff you saw on Pinterest.
Also read: 10 Ways That Joining A Society Makes Your College Life *Better*

12. Annual Competitions where you will definitely WIN!

Even when you go unprepared… Really? How did we even fall for this one? Never happened in school, won't happen in college! 12 filmy college life

13. Professors who are REALLY into your personal life

First of all, Bollywood, creepy! Second of all, no one has the time to care about who you are falling in love with and who is breaking your heart. For real, your college professors don’t care about you and vice versa...well, until the internal exam season! Gifs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Aug 25, 2016
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