#HeSays: 10 Things Your Guy Wants As Much As The *Hot* Stuff!

#HeSays: 10 Things Your Guy Wants As Much As The *Hot* Stuff!
While sex is definitely important, it's not the only things us guys care about. Hard to believe? Well, here are some other things guys want in relationships!

1. Some Fun

Sex isn't the only fun thing in the world and we're well aware of that. And when in a relationship, we also also genuinely want to enjoy our time spent with you. We want to share jokes, text you puns, just have some harmless, non-sexual fun!

2. Friend-Like Understanding

It might sound simple but many times in relationship, the guy and the girl might be lovers but not friends. We just hope that we can find someone to be with who also understands us like a friend would.

3. Mutual Respect

We've been taught to respect women since day one but that does not mean that we don't also want to be treated with respect. This courtesy needs to be mutual and it's something we always look for in a relationship.

3 things guys want in relationships

4. Emotional Intimacy

Physical intimacy is great. Emotional intimacy is necessary if the relationship is going to last. After having a day from hell we would like to be able to confide in you and have you make us feel better about the world. Because who doesn't want that?

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5. Occasional Space

We can't deny this because it's true, and we hope you don't see it as a bad thing. Sometimes, even though we love and adore you, we just need to spend some time away from you. This doesn't mean you're not important, it's just a personal need to get our thoughts together.

6. Complete Acceptance

If we're in it for the long haul, or even hope to be, we will be disgusting at times and annoying too. We'll either talk too much or too loudly. We just want to be accepted the way we are - with all our good traits (we're sure you see some of those) and the annoying ones.

6 things guys want in relationships

7. Honesty Before Anything

No one wants to be treated like a fool, right? We don't want to have to find out things about you, our relationship or your feelings from anyone but you.

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8. To Be Needed

No man ever likes to feel like things would be just as they are if he wasn't around. We like to feel needed - not only in a "kill that cockroach" way but also in the "I couldn't have done it without you" way.

9. Undivided Attention

We're needy and we're okay with that. We're not saying we want to be your whole world, the start and end of your day. But when you're with us, we would really like your undivided attention and a few minutes in the spotlight. Just make us feel special sometimes, that's all.

9 things guys want in relationships

10. New Adventures

Enough about our emotional needs. Here's our thrill-seeker one. We never want the "firsts" to get over. First kiss, first time saying "I love you", first time…anything! We want there to be a million first times, all with you. Even if it means it's the first time we go cliff-diving or the first time we sleep in a boat together!

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