12 Things You Think He Notices... But He Doesn't! *Phew*

12 Things You Think He Notices... But He Doesn't! *Phew*
You know how you can be super observant...? Your bestie too... Well, guess what- your bae isn't! There are some things that guys just DON'T notice about when it comes to us girls (it's not a bad thing!) Here are some of the top things to stop obsessing about when you’re with a boy...!

1. Eating on a date

Don't starve yourself - he really doesn't care if you order that extra hot chicken and start going at it with more enthusiasm and less fork and knife!

1 things guys do not notice

2. Chipped or uneven nails

Okay, so it's been a while since your last pedicure - no need to hide those tootsies - he most definitely won't even notice!

3. Spot the spot!

This has been tried and tested on several occasions; unless you point out that zit, that popped up right in the middle of your face, bae ain't going to see it or think anything of it - so, relax!

4. Monster brows

Whether they're bold, on fleek, uneven or you're sporting the "Kajol unibrow" look - boys cannot tell the difference! Which is awesome, let's be honest! #ouch

4 things guys do not notice (1)

5. Hair hair everywhere

"If it's not summer- I'm not shaving above the knee!" Seems fair, right? Don't hide away from your guy if you missed your last waxing appointment - honestly, give them some credit - they get we're humans too!

6. Sporty vs Sweaty

A lot of girls avoid playing sports around their guy or guys in general for the fear of sweating. It's okay, girls! He'll probably have a lot of fun if you join in! Plus, it's not like you two don't get all hot and bothered in other circumstances! ;)

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7. Curfew Crisis

If you can't make it out some nights… Don't worry. He's not going to think anything of it, rather he will respect the fact that you are being real with him. And just in case he doesn't, he isn't worth your time!

7 things guys do not notice

8. New Hair, don't care

Literally, this is probably the most common route of fights between couples.

"Bae, notice anything different?" *bae stares blankly hoping for a monster to swallow him whole* Noticing if you have got a haircut isn't his strong suit, just accept it!

9. Outfit on repeat

So, you wore the same black dress last week on date night? He isn't going to realize - forget judge you for it! He'll probably be pretty happy that it took you less time to decide what to wear!

10. Foodie it up!

Order that extra portion of fries and it's okay to tell him they're not for sharing and he needs to order more if he wants some! He wants you to be happy not hangry! (Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got love in my tummy!)

10 things guys do not notice

11. In the middle of the night

Okay, so you snore or talk a little or maybe you make weird faces in your sleep - don't fret it! Just sleep well and snuggle up!

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12. Boobies!

Ladies. If one of YOUR ladies is a little bit differently sized or shaped than the other one it is NOT the end of the world - especially for your guy! As far as he is concerned - if there are real life boobs in his face... he is totally winning!

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