#HeSays: 10 Things EVERY Guy Secretly Wishes Girls Wouldn't Do!

#HeSays: 10 Things EVERY Guy Secretly Wishes Girls Wouldn't Do!
We know there isn’t a guidebook according to which girls function - no matter how much we wish there was. But similarly, there isn’t one for men either - even though sometimes we feel like we’re the only ones who missed that delivery! So, well, here are some things we think women should seriously stop doing regarding men - as friends, as girlfriends, just as people!

1. Expecting a detailed answer about how you look

If you expect anything more than a single world answer, you’re barking up the wrong tree, ladies.

1 things girls should stop doing

2. Analysing every single word we use

No, really. We DON’T think before we speak sometimes and you’ve got to leave room for a little bit of error. We're not machines!

3. Assuming that we crush on girls just based on looks

We’re not saying we’ve never done this is the past, but we’ve learnt and grown and changed, and your opinion of us should change as well!

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4. Complicating things that really aren’t complicated

No, we didn't mean to say that you’ve gained weight when we suggested we get the salad to share. We don’t do double meanings - especially when it comes to food.

4 things girls should stop doing

5. Asking us what to wear

Let's be clear - we BOTH know that you won’t wear anything we end up suggesting. So why even bother asking us?

6. Telling us what to wear

Sure, getting a note about the general dress code for an event is helpful and appreciated, but we don’t think we need to wear an ironed shirt just to grab a beer, you know?

7. Dumping everything technical on us

If we’re trying to impress you, sure, we’ll Google our way through it. But seriously, do you think we were born engineers or something?

7 things girls should stop doing

8. Thinking we’re all the same

If only we had a penny for every time a woman told us that all men are the same… Please, NO guy appreciates being told this, just like no woman would like to be told that all women are the same.

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9. Expecting us to be interested in your friend’s love life

Why? Like, no, seriously… WHYYY would we care?

10. Mistaking jokes for flirting

No matter what you think is true, we’re not always flirting with you ladies. Sometimes, we’re just conversing and mean nothing by the jokes we make! It’s not a hint that we would like to get down and dirty with you if we’re paying attention to what you’re saying. Sex is NOT always on our minds.

10 things girls should stop doing

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