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9 Little Things Every Girl Misses About Being Single!

9 Little Things Every Girl Misses About Being Single!
Isn’t getting into a relationship with the right guy a dream come true moment for all of us? Yet, it takes like ten minutes to start missing our single life after we get into one. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us - after all, there are several perks of singlehood that we wouldn’t want to trade, right? Here are 9 things every committed girl misses about being single!

1. Flirting

Flirting is the one sure shot way of making yourself feel better and instantly boost your confidence and mood - yet there is no way you can justify flirting with other people once you are in a relationship. Call it “healthy” but it still doesn’t make the cut! 1 miss about being single

2. The excitement of first times!

Not that we don’t love our partners, but don’t we really miss the excitement of all the first times with him - the first meeting, the first kiss, the first cuddle?! Of course, we would always love our boyfriend’s presence but we wish we could have those first times again and again and again!

3. Not having to choose between friends and boyfriend...

Like, seriously, it becomes one of those life struggles when you have to choose between meeting your friends or boyfriend over the weekend. Then you think of mixing the two together and that is another battle in itself! 3 miss about being single

4. Not fighting

We don’t know what it is about relationships, but they make everyone way more defensive about their actions. From not being on time, to missing a call, to not saying the right words, anything and everything can turn into a fight. But then again, making up after has it’s own charm too. ;) Also read: 9 Things You’ll Get If You’re REALLY Committed To Your Guy!

5. Analyzing text messages

“What does okay mean? Is it like a stretched okaaaaay or more like an I-don’t-care? Hmmm, maybe he likes me.”
Remember discussions like these for hours with your bestie, decoding the latest message your crush sent you? Now that you know your boyfriend so well, there is nothing to decode in his texts! Okay means okay and you know it. 5 miss about being single

6. Freedom to be cranky...

...without having to explain “what’s wrong” to your boyfriend. We love them for all the emotional support that they give us without us even asking - but sometimes, even we don’t know what’s wrong! And since our bad mood affects them, being cranky for no explainable reason just leads to bucketloads of guilt. *sigh*

7. Not having to think of new gift ideas!

Once you have been together through a couple of birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine's days, you really begin to fall short of new gift ideas for special occasions. Chances are you buy each other things whenever one of you needs something anyway - so when it comes down to shopping for a particular day, you can’t recall anything they’d actually require! 7 miss about being single

8. Not thinking about a “future”

The daunting “future” takes control of your present, especially if you are in a long-term relationship. Now you start thinking about getting a job that will be beneficial for both of you in the “future”, introducing families, making realistic decisions and plans that will benefit both of you in the long run - no, your vacation to Hawaii is not one of them! Also read: 7 Signs You’ve Become Really Committed To Him!

9. Making fun of people who are in a relationship!

THIS. You just can’t look at a mushy couple and go “God. I hate couples”, because now you are ONE OF THEM! And your single friends make sure you realise that everytime you try to be a part of their love bashing sessions.
Well, these are the trade-offs of being in a happy relationship, and honestly it is kind of worth it - but we are still allowed to miss them, right? :P 9 miss about being single GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy