12 Things EVERY Indian Bride Says (And What She Really Means!)

12 Things EVERY Indian Bride Says (And What She Really Means!)
Getting married is an exciting, emotional experience that stays in our minds and hearts forever. As brides, we tend to say a lot of things out loud that we kind-of, sort-of don’t always mean. The married ones will vouch for this. Right, girls?

1. “I am not nervous at all.”

Because I can’t get myself to think beyond the next 5 minutes. If I dare think further than that, I’ll have a nervous breakdown!

1 every Indian bride says

2. “I’m excited to start living with my husband.”

Gosh darn it, I was sick of sneaking around. I hope he’s ready, because the queen is moving in!

3. “I just want a small, simple wedding.”

A large wedding sounds lovely, but exhausting to plan!

3 every Indian bride says

4. “I don’t want a designer bridal outfit.”

‘Coz honey, mama got budgets to take care of!

5. “I really don’t want my friends to go through the trouble of planning a bachelorette.”

I’ve been pretty vocal with what I want, and I really hope they stick to the plan.

5 every Indian bride says

6. “I can’t wait for this wedding madness to get over.”

I know I’ll miss it when it’s over, but right now, I just want to skip to the honeymoon!

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7. “What would I do without my maid of honour?”

My best friend has been like my personal maid through this. It’ll be payback time when she’s getting married!

7 every Indian bride says

8. “I don’t want all this boys side-girls side nonsense.”

Let’s face it - the girls side is more cool. What’s there to really discuss in that?!

9. “I don’t want anyone to cry at my vidaai.”

Okay, my family better cry… Just a little. Otherwise I’ll feel like they aren’t going to miss me!

9 every Indian bride says

10. “I am so ready for this new phase of life.”

I guess I’m ready, I’m not sure though. I mean I am… But can’t I just take my parents along with me?!

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11. “We aren’t going to do it on the first night; I’m going to be dead tired.”

Hello! We better be having sex. We have forever to complete our sleep hours!

11 every Indian bride says

12. “I’m not going to be emotional like other brides.”

*Bites tongue to stop tears from rolling out*

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