10 Things Confident Girls Never Say About Themselves!

10 Things Confident Girls Never Say About Themselves!
Confident girls are fearless beings who are in total control of their lives. Their confidence is their best accessory and they know it! Here are 10 things that confident girls never say about themselves. Read on:

1. “I know everything!”

With confidence comes smartness...smartness to know that it’s okay to NOT know everything! Confident girls are never in oh-I-know-everything mode ever because they focus on learning new things rather than pretending that they know it all.

1 things confident girls never say

2. “No, that is not my fault. I never make mistakes, you know!”

Confident girls are not perfect and they too make mistakes but the best part is that they never shy away from accepting their mistakes. They accept and they learn from each mistake they make.

3. “It's not such a big deal, I don't need to apologize.”   

If they are at fault, they have no qualms about saying sorry. They apologize quickly and do not make a prestige issue out of it!

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4. “I am heartbroken… It’s terrible!!”

No, it’s not like confident girls never come across heartbreaks - their hearts do get broken and yes it feels terrible BUT they know how to deal with it without losing their mind over it.

4 things confident girls never say

5. “Maybe I am too fat... Or too thin? Too Short? Too Tall?”

A confident girl is extremely comfortable with her body and the way she looks. She never cribs about her physical imperfections, she’s too confident to do so!

6. “I don’t know why they don’t like me…”

You won’t ever catch a confident girl worrying about what people think about her or why they don’t like her. She’s too fabulous to give a thought about such things!

7. “Umm… I’m not sure if I made the right decision. I want to go back and do it all over again.”

Confident girls put a lot of thought while taking decisions but once they take one, they stick to it and never doubt it, even if it eventually turns out to be the wrong one. They learn something from it!

7 things confident girls never say

8. “I wish I didn’t have so many weaknesses!”

Girls with oodles of confidence never complain about their weaknesses. They identify their weaknesses and figure out how to overcome them and not be held back by them.

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9. “Why am I not like her…”

Self acceptance is the key to boost self confidence and confident girls know this quite well. They know their worth and never compare themselves to other girls around them. They are happy with who they are and wouldn’t want to be someone else.

10. “I feel so lonely…”

A confident girl leaves no room for loneliness because she’s always busy doing something that adds value to her life. And even when no one’s around, she doesn’t feel lonely as she knows she’s her most trustworthy companion for life!

10 things confident girls never say

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