11 Things College Gives You…Other Than Your Degree!

11 Things College Gives You…Other Than Your Degree!
If school is the golden period of our lives, college bags the silver for sure! College is the place where we take our first baby steps into the real world. As we journey through it, it teaches us so many things, above and beyond classroom and books. Just how Monica said it in friends, “Welcome to the real world. It sucks! You’re gonna love it!

1. Friends who will stick by you when you're toothless and wrinkled!

Whoever said that college friendships don’t last as long, was lying. When you are old and bored you may find yourself sharing a bench and a coffee in the park with your friend from college.

1 things college gives you

2. The realization that books and a degree are just not enough!

There is so much more to explore and do! There is a life outside of the classroom and that’s where all the magic happens.

3. Opportunities that help you grow and nurture your capabilities.

Opportunities don’t always knock on your door, sometimes they tiptoe around you, and you need to sit up, take notice and seize it! And if you seem to find none, you have to make your own.

3 things college gives you

4. Dilemmas that teach you to take responsibility for your actions.

Choosing can be hard and sometimes you will make the wrong choice. No matter what - you have to own up and take responsibility for your choice. And college will make you understand the importance of doing this.

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5. The wisdom to look beyond faces, body shapes and skin colours!

Because none of that matters. What matters is who the person is inside. Who you become depends on how you treat people, the ones elder to you, the ones younger and most importantly the ones equal to you.

5 things college gives you

6. Freedom from the myth, that first love is true love.

A heartbreak is at times all you need to grow up. Falling in love is not a race or a competition. If your first love doesn’t last, it simply means that the right guy is yet to come along. So put the pieces back together, and never be scared to fall in love again.

7. The sense of growing up.

This is when it hits you that you no longer can laze around in your PJs all day. You have the best years of your life ahead of you and they are just not enough to do everything that you want to!

7 things college gives you

8. Perspective on things you probably had only heard of thus far.

It gives you the space and freedom to ask questions and develop perspectives on various issues that so far may have seemed like the “grown up stuff” for you.

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9. The knowledge that you are wrong.

On a lot of fronts and that you need to change your attitude and learn more before you can really form an opinion that is worth sticking to.

9 things college gives you

10. A lesson in self faith.

Because no one will ever believe in you till you believe in yourself. Wherever you may come from and however you may look, always always always have faith in yourself. Never give up.

11. A second home.

Because even on the brink of the real world, the place feels warm, welcoming and familiar. It feels home.

11 things college gives you

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