10 Things My “Dark Complexion” Does Not Stop Me From Doing

10 Things My “Dark Complexion” Does Not Stop Me From Doing
So many people treat a darker complexion as a kind of disability. As weird as it may sound, it’s true that people actually even believe that. And we who are naturally dark bear the brunt of being asked not to do a thing simply because we are “too dark” for it. Guess what? Dark is beautiful too, and anybody who tells you otherwise is wrong. Here are some things my “darker complexion” doesn’t stop me from doing!

1. It doesn’t stop me from falling in love.

And neither does it stop other people from falling in love with me. And if I am not “good enough” for a guy because of my natural color, well, good riddance.

2. It doesn’t stop me from aspiring to be an actor or a model, if that’s what I desire.

The society may think only fair skinned can dream of being a part of the glamour world, but here’s breaking news to them - fair, dark, brown, yellow - anyone can do that. It’s a profession, like any other, and if you have the skills required for it, you stand an equal chance of achieving it.  

2 being dark skinned

3. It doesn’t stop me from stepping out in the sand and the sun

Because I don’t care if I get tanned and turn darker. That may sound like a “bad thing” to happen to the ears of a biased person, but to everyone else, it will be just another routine thing about being a human.

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4. It doesn’t stop me from wearing bright colors

In fact, I think I pull off brighter colors way better than anyone else, what with my bronze body providing a perfect contrast backdrop to the bright colors.

4 being dark skinned

5. It doesn’t stop me from taking as many selfies as I want.

Why should it? I look beautiful. And no, I don't feel compelled to brighten up my pictures before sharing them. This is who I am, and I am gorgeous.

6. It doesn’t stop me from wearing whatever it is my heart desires.

I can flaunt my gorgeous brown body, and wear sarees, skirts, shorts or pants. I will not go about hiding it. If someone thinks it’s not a pretty sight then I think their mind is not a pretty place.

6 being dark skinned

7. It doesn’t stop me from getting the job I deserve.

Unlike what fairness cream ads may have you girls believe, employers do not select people on the basis of their skin color. Nor does it impress them. It’s a work space, not a who-looks-fairer competition. They are looking for adequate skills. Nothing less, nothing more.

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8. It doesn’t stop me from feeling beautiful

Even though the society around me may try to choke fairness creams, concealers, foundations, and other beauty treatments down my throat - to change the way I look, even for a few hours - I do not think my dark skin is any less beautiful than others. Haven’t you heard the poets of my land praise my color and sing to my beauty?

8 being dark skinned

9. It doesn’t stop me from playing sports

Because the fear of becoming darker is not mine, but of a society who wants fair brides. I would rather be strong and smart and leave anyone who tells me otherwise behind.

10. It doesn’t stop me from living life to the fullest, on my own terms.

Because my color is who I am. And trust me, it’s not stopping me from living the life I dream of - the only thing that can stop me is the stereotype and blatant racism around me if I let it get to me. But, I know better.

10 being dark skinned

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