The First Time I Gave Him… A Lap Dance!

The First Time I Gave Him… A Lap Dance!
The first time I thought about "Lap dancing", it crossed my mind that it would be something so erotic and sexy that it would make your guy want to rip clothes off your body and make mad love to you. The entire idea of sexy, slow dancing, really made me wanna do it. My boyfriend and I, we are really experimental people. We love doing new things in life…and in bed. I had always been fascinated by the idea of giving him a lap dance. It was a kind of sexual milestone that I wanted to cross with him.

So, one fine day we planned a sleepover at his place. I had done all my homework. I watched every possible lap dance video, read people’s experiences, suggestions, shaved my legs etc. My boyfriend is a great cook and insisted on using his culinary skills to cook a nice dinner for me. I agreed instantly, thinking it would give me enough time to work on the set up and ambience of the room. I wanted everything to be perfect.

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While he was cooking, I lit the candles, put on my black lacy lingerie, played some soft sexy music in the background and waited patiently. When I heard him coming towards the room, I put on my black robe and a sexy expression (or, at least, I thought it looked sexy) and waited for him, leaning against the chair. He entered the room and was evidently surprised and, um, obviously excited. At least, that’s what I could make out from the way he smiled at me - a sexy side grin, flashing his teeth a bit. He walked towards me with expectant eyes. I knew it was going to be one hell of a night!

Internal lap dance

I directed him towards the chair and walked around him slowly. I started moving gently on the beats giving him a few peeks through the robe. I was doing exactly as the guide (to lap dancing) had told me to. “Keep your hips out and move them gently, making an eight”. I had also told him about my rules. He had to keep his hands off me.

I looked him in the eye and moved closer to him. I could feel his breath on my skin. I sat on his lap gently moving with the music, with my legs wrapped around him.

Things were going great, a lot better than I had expected. He was visibly turned on and completely into it. I leaned closer to him and was almost about to kiss him when he picked me up and put me on the bed. I closed my eyes and waited for him to kiss me but instead...he chose to chase the mouse that had sneaked into the room!

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YES! A MOUSE! He spotted a mouse in the room. And now it was me vs the mouse. That little thing had been torturing him for days now, sneaking in and out of the room at his own convenience. After about 10 minutes of chasing, he managed to trap it under a carton box. He slid the carton box all the way to the main gate and let the mouse escape and shut the door.

All my flames had died a slow death by now - a slow murderous death. Still, when I saw him trying to make up for it, I let it go. He sat on the chair again and we began, all over again. Things started getting better. I tried walking past him taking a swift walk around his chair...and then there was a huge BAM!

What he saw next was me lying in a puddle of my own "Broken Erotic Dreams". My sexy robe had got stuck in one of the hand-rests of the chair and I had fallen flat on the ground. He picked me up lovingly, checked for any injuries and lay me on the bed.

After all of these mishaps, the mood was obviously ruined and all I really wanted to do was cuddle. We decided to call it a night.

But as I had expected, it definitely was a memorable night! We laughed our lungs out talking about everything that went wrong. Although he did, at some point during the night, turn to me and say, “that was one of the sexiest things we have ever done!”. Well, that wasn’t exactly how I had expected my first lap dance to be. It wasn’t perfect, but we were! So I guess the purpose was served well.

Okay now, for all of you who want to try lap dancing, here's a little piece of advice from me! Firstly, DO NOT wear anything long and complicated that might get stuck somewhere! And secondly, make sure you shut all the ways that a mouse might come in from! Happy dancing!

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