The First Time He *Cooked* For Me!

The First Time He *Cooked* For Me!
Rohit and me used to work for the same firm before we got into a relationship. He was nothing like the other guys I had dated in the past. He was kind, very soft spoken and sensitive to other people’s feelings. In short, he fit the description of a gentleman perfectly.

The only obstacle our relationship faced was distance. He used to go on business trips to London quite often. When he was back here in Bombay, we’d often go out for dinners, watch old black and white movies and just sit and talk about life and everything in it. I enjoyed every moment of our time together.

When it was a couple days for him to leave for London again, we decided to catch up for dinner and a couple of drinks somewhere around the Versova stretch in Bombay. Being a thursday, to our surprise, all the bars and restaurants were packed. And travelling anywhere else in Bombay’s never ending traffic jam seemed like a complete waste of time.

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My boyfriend then came up with a plan - he invited me over to his flat in Versova itself. Since we couldn't think of anything else either, we decides to head to his place.

As I shut his door, removed my shoes and placed it near the rack, he asked me what I’d like to eat. I thought he’d order something like he usually does but, to my surprise, he told me he was cooking. We’ve been dating for a year and a half now, and trust me, never had he ever cooked for me or tried to help out in the kitchen! He then asked me again, “What do you feel like eating tonight?” I whispered into his ears, “surprise me!”.

internal cooked a romantic dinner

I then went to his room, turned on some soft-rock music and took a short nap. I woke up to an aroma that was absolutely droolworthy. As I made my way to the hall, I noticed that all the lights in the house were dim, fragrant candles were lit and the table looked as if a feast was just about to begin. Mashed potatoes, stir fry veggies, lasagna, roast chicken and a chilled bottle of wine gently placed at the center of the table.

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Not only did the food taste absolutely yum, but it was obviously cooked with so much love. He further even confessed that he browsed through a number of YouTube cooking videos and read recipe books. On hearing all of this, I appreciated his effort and love for me even more. I felt pampered, special and a certain spark ignited in our relationship.

After a majestic dinner, the night wasn’t over... The kitchen was an absolute mess! It looked as if it had been hit by a tornado! We ended up cleaning it together and decided to switch off the lights at 3 am finally. Good food followed by a good cuddle made the perfect day complete. Till today, he surprises me by cooking new dishes for me. And I relish every crumb. I can’t believe how food brought us together... I’m just super lucky to have a boyfriend like him!

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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