11 Texts NO Girl Ever Wants To Receive From A Guy She Likes!

11 Texts NO Girl Ever Wants To Receive From A Guy She Likes!
Has it ever happened that you had a crush on a guy, but then you thought ‘How am I EVER going to talk to him?” And then a miracle happened, you guys got talking and even exchanged numbers! But then he sent you one of “those” texts, the kind no girl wants to receive from a guy she likes...ever! So dear guys, on the behalf of all the women out there, here are a few texts we never want to receive from you… especially if we are crushing on you!

1. "K."

Whether I wrote a paragraph or just a line or 10 pages worth of texts, “K” hurts. It really really does!

1 texts no girl wants to receive

2. “Hey sorry can’t make it tonight. My friend is in town… may be some other time?”

To him, it was “Let’s catch up”, to me it was “I am going on a date with him!”. And woe and betide this “friend” is a female… *heartbreak*

3. “Hey your friend is really cute *heart eyes*”

Note to self: Never ever put up a picture with the same friend...EVER. Or any friend for that matter!

3 texts no girl wants to receive

4.  “I am so lucky to have a friend like you. I really want you to meet my girlfriend some day”

Of course he has a long distance girlfriend I had no clue about! *sad face* *Oh God why*

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5. “Hey, we are going clubbing, and my friend needs a date, would you wanna come?”

What I say: “Ummm...yea. I guess. Umm…”

What I want to say: “I want to be YOUR date! How can you not know?” *facepalm*

5 texts no girl wants to receive

6. “Accha listen, what’s the deal with that friend of yours? Is she...you know… single?”

...And that's why dear people of 2030, the world war 3 began!

7. “Hey dude!......<whatever comes after doesn’t even matter>….”

Dude is guy speak for “Hey! Nope. Nada. Never wanna see you naked. Never gonna happen.” #FriendzonedForever

7 texts no girl wants to receive

8. “Wow… I wish I can find someone like you someday!”

Heloooooo?? Am I wearing Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility or what?

9. “So listen I have this date tomorrow night... Can you help me shop?”

Dies a little inside. *Gulp: swallowed feelings*. And says “Sure”.

9 texts no girl wants to receive

10. “Relationships are so overrated! I am really not a very relationshipy person”

Dying….dying…dead. *cries in the bathroom*

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11. “You’re just like my lil sister!”


11 texts no girl wants to receive

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