15 Texts That Are HOTTER Than Sexts - Bae, Send Me *These*!

15 Texts That Are HOTTER Than Sexts - Bae, Send Me *These*!
While sexting has its own thrill, there is something we, women, find much more hotter than sexts. You read that right, there are ways to get us fired up without even getting graphic! Here are 15 texts that get our hearts racing more than anything else...men, take note!

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1. “Baby, you get me so excited when you say these witty things!”

There’s nothing that feels better than the fact that your smart comments do wonders for him!

2. “I’ve ordered pizza with extra cheese for you, come quick!”

If your guy texts you this then - a) give up whatever you are doing and go there quick, and b) keep an eye on him because he might be the one!

2 texts hotter than sexts

3. “I can still smell you on my clothes!”

It’s not just great to know that a part of you lingers behind even when you are not with him but it also feels absolutely amazing to know that you have a distinct smell and he recognizes it!

4. “My friends just never stop talking about you!”

It is a great feeling to know that your boyfriend’s friends and family like you for what you are. Acceptance is always a plus point, right?

4 texts hotter than sexts

5. “I just woke up and I feel the urge to kiss you hard and long.”

Early morning texts are simply amazing! To know that out of zillions of things, you are the first thing that pops into his head when he wakes up is such a turn on!

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6. “Guess what we’re doing in bed tonight? Eating ice cream straight from the tub!”

Soulmate alert!

6 texts hotter than sexts

7. “I don’t know how I survived so many years without feeling your lips on mine.”

This is one of the best things he says! Simply because it has come to a point where he finds survival difficult, without you in his life! Sexy and cute, aww!

8. “I can’t believe I get to touch you tonight!”

When you are planning to spend the night together and he sends you this, it just makes you feel super sexy and weak at the knees. He truly makes you feel like the goddess that you are!

8 texts hotter than sexts

9. “I think I hit a jackpot the day I met you… Should I come over so we can share the prize?”

You just won yourself another jackpot with this one! *wink*

10. “It’s been such a long day, I just want to feel your body next to mine!”

It’s such a warm fuzzy feeling when you are truly the sunshine of someone’s life!

10 texts hotter than sexts

11. “I was at the local store so I got you a big bar of chocolate, want anything else?”

Yes. YOU. For the rest of my life, you amazing human being!

12. “Call me, I need to hear your voice!”

What could be better than knowing that simply hearing your voice puts a smile on his face?!

12 texts hotter than sexts

13. “Can you tell how bad I want you?”

If you couldn’t tell yet then, you will  - after he says it in such an “I-want-you-now!” kinda tone. It always feels good to know that you are needed with such passion, right?

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14. “Guess what we did in my dream last night? *wink*”

They are not just dreaming of you, the reason they are dreaming of you is because they have been thinking of you all through the day. #WIN

14 texts hotter than sexts

15. “So I just spent an hour stalking you on Instagram and boy, I’m one lucky man!”

There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy stalking especially when it’s done by the guy you are dating... Make him fall for you a little more, one picture at a time!

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