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8 Surprising Things That Could Be Making You Put On Weight!!

Sanya Jain

Guest Contributor

You exercise and you eat healthy - well you try! You jog, drink green tea and resist those pizza cravings but you still gain weight. Sounds familiar? Well, the reasons may be very surprising! Here are 8 things you did not know could be the reason behind your weight gain!

1. Your bedroom lights!

1 reasons for weight gain

Who’d have thought this? Just goes to show that there are traitors hiding in your very bedroom. Jokes apart, this surprising reason is actually true. Sleeping with your lights on at night could actually cause weight gain! According to a study by the Ohio State University, your bedroom lights could actually be contributing to your mysterious weight gain. What exactly causes a messed up sleep cycle to lead to weight gain is unclear, but it could be because of a spike in your melatonin levels. So make sure you turn your lights off before dozing off.

2. The room temperature

Turn your AC up, girls, if you’re trying to lose weight! A research published in the Obesity Review suggests that a warm, cozy room could also be responsible for your mysterious weight gain. You burn more calories when the temperature is colder, maybe the winters are actually good for something.

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3. Your hectic schedule

3 reasons for weight gain

All the more reason for you to take a deep breath and chuck that to-do list out. Research suggests that stress could lead to weight gain. The stress hormone, called cortisol, increases your appetite and affects the way fat is distributed. This leads to fat being stored near the abdomen, giving you that much-dreaded paunch. So basically you need to chill!

4. Your “diet” drinks and food

This one study by the Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio found that people who drank diet drinks experienced a 70% greater increase in the waist circumference as opposed to those who didn’t. A lot of diet food is actually a storehouse for calories and this stands especially true for health bars. Plus, it’s believed that artificial sweeteners can slow down your metabolism. So look at the ingredients carefully before you buy food labelled ‘diet’, thinking it won’t affect you!

5. *Sigh* Your makeup

5 reasons for weight gain

It saddens us to admit this but your cosmetics could be the reason behind your weight gain. Most cosmetics and personal care products like talcum powder, creams, deodorants and moisturizers contain phthalates, which tricks the body into producing more insulin. This, in turn, leads to insulin resistance, which has been linked to obesity.

6. Your late nights

People getting less than 7 hours of sleep have been proven to be at a greater risk of gaining weight. So don’t compromise on your beauty sleep. Not only is sleep good for your skin, it can also help in keeping that dreaded excess fat at bay! This may just be the easiest way to lose weight!

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7. Pollutants in the air

7 reasons for weight gain

The pollutants in the air can have an effect on your weight. Don’t believe us? Read for yourself here. It doesn’t help that we live in one of the most polluted countries in the world.

8. Your friends group!

The way your friends eat influences your eating habits too. So if they indulge in fatty food often, the chances are so are you. Research has confirmed that if your friends are on the heavier side, you’re more likely to be on the heavier side too! Maybe that’s the reason all those hours you put in at the gym were yielding no result?

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Published on Aug 26, 2016
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