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10 *Surprising* Reasons Being A Newlywed Girl Rocks!

10 *Surprising* Reasons Being A Newlywed Girl Rocks!
Lots of gifts and endless pampering are two known facts about what’s in store for a newlywed. But what if we told you it’s a lot more than just that! Sounds exciting, right?! Yep, having been married for just about an year, I can tell you that being a newlywed totally rocks… And in ways we bet you never thought it would!

1. It’s a public affair!

You can now finally hold each other in public and put up those adorable kissing selfies on Facebook without being judged! He’s your husband, after all! *No more annoying aunty stares*
1 being a newlywed

2. He’s my “husband”

Believe me, the thrill of introducing him as your husband is totally next level! It makes you blush, feel all grown up and gives you the butterflies - all through the first year!

3. Surprise surprise!

You don’t just get a lot of surprises, but executing one also becomes so much simpler when you’re living together! No more expensive gifts or extensive planning. Just a sweet love note under his pillow or something naughty inside his cupboard, and you’re good to go. 3 being a newlywed

4. The wardrobe is always full!

You just spent months shopping! And that means your wardrobe, makeup kit and footwear rack is filled with the nicest stuff. We swear you won’t have the “I have nothing to wear” moment for a long, long time! Also read: 10 Silly Everyday Fights ONLY Newlywed Couples Have!

5. It’s a new day - every day!

No matter how long you’ve dated, marriage will show you a new side of your husband and give you insights into little details you had no idea about. And these little things sure make life wonderful. 5 being a newlywed

6. You’re the new point of interest

Well, obviously! From your friends to your family to his family, everyone’s suddenly interested in you. And that feels great, you know! You’re the centre of attention, so enjoy it while it lasts!

7. Let’s play dress up

You can really, really dress up as and when you want, because well, you’re newly married! For the first year or so, you just don’t have to worry about looking too decked up no matter what you wear! 7 being a newlywed

8. Let’s have sex - NOW!

Because you can! And ladies, all that sex means you’re also doing a great workout, along with the pleasure. ;-) Also read: 9 Annoying Things Every Newlywed Couple HATES Hearing!

9. Party all night!

Your calendar is full! Lots of yummy dinner invites and parties held especially for you, guarantee a rocking “newlywed” time! 9 being a newlywed

10. See you after work?

Office can get stressful, but you know there’s a different kind of energy, enthusiasm and excitement to finish off your work and run back home to your better half. And you have no idea just how fulfilling and relaxing it is to cuddle up in bed and talk till the night ends. :-) GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr A place where girls can talk about ANYTHING. (No guys allowed!) ? ? Get the POPxo app NOW on Play Store and iOS App Store.