6 Things You’re Not Realizing You’re Wasting Your Time On!

6 Things You’re Not Realizing You’re Wasting Your Time On!
We’ve been told time and again that life is precious and that we shouldn’t waste a minute of it. But we do the exact opposite! Do you realize how much time we waste on unnecessary things? Well, it’s time to put an end to this. Here are 6 things we should definitely stop wasting our time on...

1. That guy…

Sometimes you end up falling for a person who does not reciprocate your feelings and this is perfectly fine. If this person tries to lead you on but doesn’t want to commit to you, or if he only wants to hang out with you when his own friends are busy, then you have to realize that you’re wasting your time! You deserve to be appreciated and someone better deserves your love.  

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2. Avoiding desserts

It’s tough to keep away from sweets, because that sneaky little sweet tooth you’ve got always wins. Moreover, wouldn't you rather die knowing you’ve tasted some of the best desserts the world has to offer than die a regretful, miserable woman? We know we’d rather have that next bite of cheesecake than deal with cravings and mood swings all day long.

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3. Slow browsers

Slow internet connection is one thing that gets people very agitated and riled up these days. The situation gets worse if the browser itself is slow too! So don’t waste your time getting angry at a page that just won’t load on your phone’s browser...simply switch to the Opera Mini browser. We swear by it! It is one of the fastest browsers around. And in the bargain, you save a lot time and mobile data on your phone. It also blocks unwanted ads. Amazed? We are too!
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4. Stupid arguments and grudges

We all have crazy stupid arguments with our besties. But some arguments escalate and turn into ugly fights. After such fights, you and your bestie remain in your own respective houses, sulking and feeling bad, when you guys could be having a great time shopping or watching a movie.You know deep down that this is a total waste of time. Call her right away!

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5. Sucky jobs

If you find yourself stuck in a job that is making you sadder by the day, you need to get out. Not saying you should quit a job just because it gets a bit difficult, but you need to be able to tell the difference between a difficult job and a job that is sucking the life out of you.

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6. “Pretend” friends

It’s a sad but true fact that some “friends” are superficial. They tend to be with you when things are going well but if problems arise and you need help, they are nowhere to be seen! You don’t need such negativity in your life. Keep your true friends close, the ones who are honest with you and stand by you no matter what!

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