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10 Silly Everyday Fights ONLY Newlywed Couples Have!

10 Silly Everyday Fights ONLY Newlywed Couples Have!
Girls, it’s true: you don’t quite realize until you start living with your spouse how much the little things matter in a relationship...sometimes even more than the big ones! This is not to undermine the importance of all the big stuff, of course, but here’s the thing. While the changing-jobs, moving-to-another-city kinda conversations happen only once, twice or thrice in a lifetime, day-to-day squabbles are a dime a dozen. Here’s a sampling of the silly fights married couples have - and then make up for every day!

1. The fight over food

This one should be familiar since “What should we eat for dinner?” is something even boyfriends and girlfriends argue over all the time. But additional layer of complication is added by having to also decide whether you want to eat at home or go out!
fights married couples have 1

2. The tussle over the TV

Yes, the fight for control over the remote is as big as the one over who sleeps on which side of the bed! MasterChef or Big Boss? Avengers or Aashiqui 2? The winner tends to be the person who gets home from work earlier - just so that they can grab the remote first!

3. Those weekend plans

Should we hang out with your friends or mine? You argue about this again and again - until you finally accept that the best thing to do is just hang out with each set on alternate weekends. :P Also read: 9 Fights All Newlyweds Have In The First Year – So Relax!

4. The “whose turn is it anyway” fight

Is it your turn to call the plumber/ electrician, or is it his? To be perfectly honest, we feel that it should always be his. :P fights married couples have 4

5. Those occasional splurges

Well, yes, we’re all entitled to spend money on whatever we want. But that does not mean hubby or wife dearest doesn’t have opinions about the purchase. Whether it’s the new Wii or a new handbag, “What, you spent XXX on that?!” is all too common a refrain! Also Read Gifts For Your Newlyweds Bestie

6. The one over waking up earlier

Not only are those 5 minutes of extra sleep in the morning super precious, but the fact of the matter is that whoever wakes up sooner becomes by default the person who has to take the initiative for organizing breakfast, dealing with household help, and so on and so forth.

7. In-laws in town

Whether it’s his parents or yours, the length or frequency of the visits is always bound to cause a stir of consternation! fights married couples have 7

8. The vacation-planning battle

Where should you go? And not only that, when should you go? Because, let’s face it, both of you would prefer to take leave from work at a time when your boss is less likely to be annoyed about it. Neither of you wants to be the loser in this battle! Also read: Bhaiya Vs Bhabhi: Cute Shaadi Games To Welcome The Newlyweds!

9. The family function fiasco

When you know that you’re going to end up meeting a bunch of relatives who are going to ask all sorts of intrusive questions about your “married life” - yuck. Even if neither of you want to attend, it’s hard to convince the other person that they should be the one to pick up the phone and decline the invite...politely!

10. The drama over...dressing up!

You want to wear a sari, he wants to wear his old jeans. He wants to wear a suit, while you can’t be bother to do anything more than slip into shorts… The fight over looking like a totally mismatched pair when you’re going out together is a real one, girls, totally real! fights married couples have 10 Images: Tumblr