11 Silly Things EVERY Married Couple Fights Over!

11 Silly Things EVERY Married Couple Fights Over!
As much as we’re always rooting for wedded bliss, we have to admit that there are SOME things that can totally get our goat. We love our men, and they love us - but on some points of life we just cannot agree without a good long session of squabbling! We bring you 11 silly fights that EVERY married couple has - yeah, you and your husband are NOT alone in this. (Of course, this is only till you have a baby - once there are kids in the mix, you’ll have a whole new bunch of things to argue about!)

1. “Who will answer the door when the bell rings first thing in the morning?”

This one’s the worst… Those extra 5 minutes of sleep are just sooo precious in the morning!

2. “Which movie should we watch?”

Mission Impossible 5 vs Bajrangi Bhaijan!!!

fights married couples have

3. “Are you crazy? You spent XXX on that?!”

So your expensive watch is an investment and my shoes aren’t????? And let’s not even get started about the Apple Watch!!

4. “MUST we attend this family function?”

Your grand-uncle’s nephew’s daughter is getting married in the middle of the week!!! Do we have to go??

fights married couple have

5. “Should we eat at home or go out for dinner?”

One of you’s full of enthu, the other’s ready to crash? Happens. All. The. Time. A subset of this, of course, is the “Where shall we eat?” fight. Hey, I spent all my energy dragging you out of the house - you decide the rest!!

6. “What are you WEARING?”

Admittedly this one is usually instigated by the wife, but only because our men never fail to baffle us with their random and wildly inappropriate sartorial choices!

fights married couple have

7. “Oh, your parents are visiting AGAIN?”

Yes, they are, okay? Your parents came and stayed for THREE months last year!

8. “We should hang out with MY friends this weekend!”

We hung out with your friends last weekend. And two weekends ago too. I want to meet myyyy friends!

fights married couple have

9. “Who will decline (politely!) that annoying dinner invitation?”

NO, I won’t do it this time! Your turn! Why should people always think I’m the evil person who doesn’t want to hang out? You hate them too!

10. “Why can’t you take leave from work then?”

I can take off for a whole week next month - what do you mean you have no leave coming until the month after? WHO ATE YOUR LEAVE?

fights married couple have

11. “YOU call the plumber/ electrician bhaiyya this time! ”

Because, fine, once they’re in the house, supervising is one thing. But actually calling them repeatedly till they pick up, explaining the problem and then waiting for them to show up? Noooooooo!!

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