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Dear Boyfriend, Here's Why You Have The Coolest Girlfriend EVER


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Dear boyfriend,

Even though we both have flaws and are far from perfect, we love each other and neither of us have a doubt about this, right? And while I know you are super awesome and I feel lucky to have you by my side, here is why you ought to feel like you have the coolest girlfriend ever! *grin*



1. I can totally chill with you on the same couch… Without speaking a word!

You can play your video games, while I put on my headphones and watch Friends for the umpteenth time!

1 Coolest girlfriend 1

2. I do not bring up dead and buried issues!

Because one, I don’t remember them myself and two, why have the same fight all over again?

3. I do not check your phone or your Facebook account… And I do not intend to!

Because, hello? I have people yelling at me for not checking my own Facebook and Whatsapp enough to reply to their messages.

3 Coolest girlfriend 1

4. I don’t bother you with incessant calls on your guys night out!

Either I am at my own girls night out, or I am sleeping. Neither of these cannot be compromised! Nope.

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5. I know when you are checking out that girl across the table… Well, okay, she’s cute!

There’s no harm in admiring someone, is there?

5 Coolest girlfriend

6. I don’t give you any pain about not remembering our kiss anniversary, hug anniversary yada yada yada!

And I also give you a reminder for our “Anniversary” anniversary. How cool is that?!

7. I don’t flip out when you are out with your female friends.

Friends are friends. Monica never said Chandler could not hang out with Phoebe and Rachel, did she?

7 Coolest girlfriend 1

8. I don’t drag your ex into our conversation…

And if someday you do mention her, I don’t get red in the face. I know that’s done and dusted.

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9. I do not insist on holding hands throughout the movie!

It’s romantic...Yes. But just for about 10 minutes. After that it’s just plain uncomfy - especially if my hands get sweaty and I really just want to eat the popcorn.

9 Coolest girlfriend

10. I do not go a tad bit crazy when you don’t take my calls.

Because I can totally imagine you dozed off on your couch and drooling over the cushion. I know you will call me when you are back to Earth!

11. I am totally cool with you going out with me in your PJs

But only if I can too! ;-P

11 Coolest girlfriend

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