13 Signs That This Love Is Going To Last Forever!

13 Signs That This Love Is Going To Last Forever!
Wondering if he is the one? Or whether you are in it for the long run? Don’t worry! We’ve all done that at some point in our relationships. Love is a tricky thing, that way, isn’t it? But to make your life easier, here are 13 signs that show that your love is going to last forever!

1. You trust each other completely.

Trust is the key to any happy relationship. You don’t constantly doubt where your partner is and who he is with because you know it doesn’t matter. No matter where they are, you know, they will be thinking of you!

1 love is going to last forever

2. You don’t need to play games with each other.

You don’t deliberately wait hours before texting each other or calculate your response before sending it. All these silly games are a thing of the past for you. Now you have a direct conversations about whatever you want. Isn’t it so much easier without all the thinking and planning?

3. You are experts at doing nothing together.

Plans not working out? No new movie to watch? No worries! You guys are totally okay with doing absolutely nothing together. You can just stay in bed all day and you’ll be happy, as long as you are together!

3 love is going to last forever

4. You have a life outside of your relationship.

Yup, you respect each other’s space. He encourages you to go for your ladies night and you never mind when he doesn’t reply during his boy’s night out because both of you realize the importance of having an individual life outside of the relationship!

5. You know when to say sorry.

It really is not a big deal to simply accept when you are wrong and say sorry and both of you know that. You are more into solving the problem than figuring out whose turn it is to apologize. After all, you don’t want to end up wondering “Is it too late to say sorry now?” :P

5 love is going to last forever

6. You don’t panic.

You don’t get an anxiety attack when you see photos of your friends getting married wondering if you are at the right stage in your relationship. You are happy where you are and you know the future will be wonderful, so there is no point worrying about it!

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7. You share and care.

Be it food, ideas, books, or his oversized t-shirts, you two are always sharing stuff and enjoying it!

7 love is going to last forever

8. You continue to flirt with each other.

Just because you are so amazingly relaxed around each other doesn’t mean you don’t flirt and talk dirty whenever you have the opportunity. The fact that your heart still skips a beat when he sends a flirty text is a sign that both of you are doing things right!

9. You are not afraid of calling out each other’s wrongs.

As supportive and loving as you are, you are also not scared to tell your partner when they are wrong and giving them some tough love. And in return, you understand when your partner does the same to you. You embrace each other’s flaws as much as the perfections!

9 love is going to last forever

10. Surprises are always up your sleeve!

You keep surprising each other with little things, even when there is no occasion, simply because you love how happy it keeps the both of you!

11. You say “I love you” all the time.

They are your three most favourite words. You don't worry about if he'll say it back to you and you don't get angry when he actually doesn't because he's upset or feeling low. Anything to just let him know the depth of your emotions, right?

11 love is going to last forever

12. You have no awkward silences...

...only comfortable ones.

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13. You never shy away from thanking each other.

Other than "sorry" and "I love you", the third magical word that keeps all relationships going is none other than - "thanks". When you appreciate your partner’s presence in your life and they do the same, it leaves both of you feeling happy and grateful!

13 love is going to last forever

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