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17 Signs You’re No Less Than A Superwoman!

17 Signs You’re No Less Than A Superwoman!

Dear ladies, do you think Superwoman is just a fictional character and doesn’t exist in real life? Well, think again. You might be one too!! Don’t believe us? Hah! Here we give you 17 signs that prove you’re no less than a Superwoman!

1. You know EXACTLY who you are and what you want from life...

Because life's too short to not know things that matter the most!

2. You’re super comfortable with the way you look...

‘Coz you know that your looks don’t define you, your golden heart does!

3. You value people…

And you’re immensely grateful to have all those wonderful people you call your family and friends in your life. 3 you are a superwoman

4. And you don’t judge them…

You accept people the way they are. Plus you don’t like being judged by others either!

5. You don’t hold grudges…

‘Coz maybe you aren’t all sugar and spice and all things nice, but life is precious, and you ain’t got time for stuff like that, do you?!

6. You don’t compromise on your sleep...

‘Coz you know you need that beauty sleep and that peace of mind to run the world!

6 you are a superwoman

7. You are a good listener…

Well, because it’s important to lend an ear to someone who needs care and attention. Also read: 9 Simple Ways To Feel More Confident – Every Single Day!

8. And that makes you the best advisor…

No wonder your friends come rushing to you when they need some life-saving advice!

9. You have total control over your emotions.

And this is one of your most important superpowers.
9 you are a superwoman

10. You are a dreamer AND a doer!

Nothing in the world can stop you from turning those dreams into reality!

11. And you encourage people to go after their dreams too…

Because you know the difference that a little encouragement can make to their lives.

12. You are not afraid to take risks…

And you are smart enough to analyse the outcome before walking down those risky lanes! 12 you are a superwoman

13. Your world doesn’t come crashing down over a breakup…

Ouch, yes, it hurts. But you pick up those broken pieces of your heart and deal with it all - like a boss!

14. You make mistakes…

And learn something from each one of them. Also read: 11 Things Confident Girls Say To Themselves Every Day!

15. You laugh and love with all your might…

‘Coz you’re one smart girl and you know we only live once, right?

15 you are a superwoman

16. You too have those moments of doubts, despair and sadness…

But you don’t let them dull your shine!

17. You spread smiles and happiness wherever you go…

‘Coz we told you you’re a superwoman, didn’t we?! <3
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Published on Aug 22, 2016
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