Sunday Shorts: 3 Magical Tales About Unexpected First Kisses!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Magical Tales About Unexpected First Kisses!

1. The Good Luck Kiss

“I am freaking out, you have no idea. Why do I have to be the first person to present today? Luck just never is on my side. EVER. The first person to present always gets most questions, and I hardly even prepared. Oh God!!! And why the f*** do we have to wear this saree…”  Before I could continue with my nervous rant, he pulled me closer, and softly planted a kiss on my lips.

“You’ll be fine. You look great. Go now,” he said, and pushed me on to the stage.

And, surprisingly, I was fine. I think that kiss helped, for right after my presentation, I went looking for him to get some more!

1 unexpected first kisses

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2. I Dare You

The bottle pointed at me, and it was my turn to pick between truth and dare. I dared, and so he looked straight into my eyes and asked me to kiss him.

And without caring about the gaping faces beside us, I walked over to his corner, sat in his lap, and kissed him softly on his lips.

The game of truth and dare was officially over, and we had officially just begun.

2 unexpected first kisses

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3. We Found Love In A Cab Ride...

Three long months of dating, and neither of us knew when was the right time to make the first move. It was pouring cats and dogs one fine evening, and both of us, weren’t only drenched, but we couldn’t find a cab to get home either.

The first cab we saw, without a second thought, we hopped in. We asked the driver to drop us off at the queen of suburbs in Mumbai. While he was driving in haste, I dropped my purse in between my boyfriend’s legs. We both bent down to reach for it, and for a brief second, our eyes met. He cupped my face and pressed his lips softly against mine. It was so sudden yet passionate at the same time…

3 unexpected first kisses

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