10 Ways That Joining A Society Makes Your College Life *Better*

10 Ways That Joining A Society Makes Your College Life *Better*
Do you think college life is all about making notes, attending lectures, going around with friends, and getting a degree by the end of it all? Hell, NO!! There’s so much more you can do - like joining a college society that interests you! Being a part of a college society would not only make your college life much more fun but it would also help you grow as a person. Read on to know why joining a college society is the best thing ever!

1. No room left for phrases like “Oh, I’m so bored!”

As soon as you become a part of a college society you get no time to get bored. Coz there’s enough interesting stuff going on in your life already!   

1 college society

2. You get to learn SO MUCH!!

College societies give you immense exposure. You get to learn real life things that no textbook or teacher can ever teach you!

3. Your confidence level goes up with each passing day…

Coz you know you’re doing something different, something valuable!

3 college society

4. You discover your passion!

Dance, singing, painting, theatre, literature - whatsoever it may be, doing what you enjoy helps you to discover your passion. You start dreaming about making a career out of it!  

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5. You instantly become the coolest one amongst your friends...

Coz you’ve got endless interesting tales to tell them! And also, you are their ticket to the college fests!

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6. Meeting interesting people becomes a part of life!

These college societies are like mini hubs for creative people, and being one of them would feel so awesome, isn’t it? You’ll keep bumping into interesting people every other day and most of them would inspire you to follow your dreams!

7.  Multitasking becomes your second nature…

Coz you do it all the day, every day! And they say - “practice makes a man perfect!”.

7 college society

8. You get to enjoy a celeb-status in college!

Be it the library or the college canteen - you get several curious glances and smiles wherever you go in college. And you walk with all that swag and an invisible crown on your head! Mind you, it ain’t gonna be this way forever, so better don’t let it get to your head!

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9. Profs buy your excuse to skip classes...

Because attending practice sessions is important! BUT, that doesn’t mean you start bunking classes too often! Have fun, but be a bit responsible too!

9 college society

10. Last but not the least - You’ll have millions of memories

When you’ll be not so young anymore, and you’ll look back to your college days - you’ll have enough memories to take a deep dive inside the pool of nostalgia!

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