10 *Surprising* Reasons To Kiss More Often!

10 *Surprising* Reasons To Kiss More Often!
They say kissing is a language of love and we couldn’t agree more. Kissing the one you love is such an important and wonderful way to express your love, isn’t it? Plus, every fairytale has taught us that kissing is important - but if you’re still left with any doubts, we give you 10 good reasons to kiss more often...

1. It makes your happy hormones go wild!

When you kiss, your brain instantly starts producing a cocktail of happy hormones and leaves you in a state of euphoria. Well, got the key to happiness? Go kiss him right away!

1 reasons to kiss

2. It turns you into a super-human...

Okay, maybe we exaggerated a bit here, but kissing actually contributes in improving your overall health by strengthening your immune system. All that “spit swapping” exposes your body to various microbes, in response to which your body develops antibodies that protect you from the effect of those foreign microbes.

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3. It makes you look prettier!

Vigorous kissing is like a workout session for your facial muscles. The more you kiss, the firmer they become - and the better you look! Oh yes, it also increases the blood flow and leaves you with naturally flushed cheeks and glowing skin!

3 reasons to kiss

4. It leaves no room for stress and anxiety...

A long, passionate kiss lowers the level of cortisol - a stress hormone. In fact, some say that kissing has similar benefits to meditation, thus it keeps you away from stress, anxiety and other such negative feelings. No wonder the world seems like a better place right after a sweet kiss!

5. It deepens your bond with him...

Kissing triggers the production of “love hormones” that create a sense of intimacy between the two of you. This helps in making sure that your relationship heads in the right direction.  

5 reasons to kiss

6. It amps up your oral hygiene.

Locking those lips with him accelerates the production of saliva - a natural teeth and mouth cleaner. It flushes away the cavity causing bacteria and helps you to maintain good oral hygiene.  

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7. It keeps the romance alive!

This one needs no explanation, does it? We all know what a magical romantic gesture it is! And if it helps to keep the romance alive then do we really have any reasons to hold back?!

7 reasons to kiss

8. It’s a natural pain reliever…

No, we’re not kidding! Kissing really helps you to get rid of mild headaches and those nasty menstrual cramps. So next time instead of popping a pill, try kissing?

9. It cheers you up when you’re having a not-so-happy day!

There are days when we feel low and unloved without any specific reason, so now you know what to do to drive such feelings away? *wink*

9 reasons to kiss

10. Because you are young and you are in love!!

Seriously! What better reason do you need than this? Just go and kiss...and kiss some more!

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