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10 Questions To Test How *Well* Your Bestie Knows You! (GRIN)

10 Questions To Test How *Well* Your Bestie Knows You! (GRIN)

So you’ve got a BFF who you can’t live without (she can’t live without you either!) and you feel that you know each other inside out? Great! Well, this friendships day, do a dipstick and see how well she really knows you. No long questionnaire – just a quick and simple test. We’re sure her answers will surprise you and make you smile!

1. What’s your favourite food?

No, “junk” is not the answer. Even if it’s right. While she shares burgers and pizzas and tubs of ice cream with you…does she know that your real comfort food is in fact, mummy ke haath ka bana cheesy yummy pasta?

2. What is the one thing that reveals that you are angry or upset?

It could be your nose getting red or one eyebrow raised when you are angry. Has she noticed? Can she tell ki earthquake aane wala hai?! 2 bestie knows you

3. What kind of a person are you in general...?

Sporty and adventurous or fun but lazy?! Can she get this right? Also read: 13 AMAZING Perks Of Being Roomies With Your Bestie!!

4. And your favourite music?

Total dhinchak or soulful crooning, she knows what gets you ticking. And she has your favourite numbers on her playlist too! Just in case. 4 bestie knows you

5. On a Friday night, does she know where you are (even if she isn’t with you)?

Painting the town red or watching reruns of TV shows – she can tell.

6. If you had a time machine, does she know which era you’d go back to?

The elegant 1920s or the swinging 1960s – she knows the kind of girl you are and she’d probably accompany you there too! 6 bestie knows you

7. Does she know your vices and bad habits?

Yes, she knows how you scratch your nose while thinking or make noise while eating chips. And she loves you anyway!

8. Who was that one guy you had a crush on for the longest time?

Surely, she ought to know this one! 8 bestie knows you

9. Does she know the one thing that gives you away when you are bluffing in front of others?

She knows the difference between the real stuff and when you're lying through your teeth! Also read: 10 FUN “Girls’ Night In” Games To Play With Your Besties!

10. Would she be able to spot all the crackheads in your family?

Yes, coz she’s met them all! 10 bestie knows you
GIFs: Tumblr
Published on Aug 2, 2016
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