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#HeSays: 7 Questions NO Guy Wants To Be Asked In Bed!

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When in bed with a girl, most of us guys have a bit of a one-track mind. So, of course, there are some thing we really don't like to be asked during that time. Here are some of those questions! (No, seriously, these are the absolute worst!!)

1. "What are you thinking?"

Um, about sex? And other dirty things we want to be doing instead of thinking up an appropriate answer for this question, maybe.

2. "Are you done?"

THE absolute worst. Well, if you really want to know, yes, now we are. How could we not be after that question?

2 questions guys do not like

3. "Do I look fat?"

This question is daunting enough to answer outside of bed… In bed, it's even worse. One wrong word and it could all go downhill.

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4. "When did you shower last?"

Does the answer of this question have the ability of changing what we're going to be doing next?! Or is it because you think we stink? We don't know, but we don't like where this is going, ladies!

4 questions guys do not like

5. "Have you thought about shaving or waxing?"

Nah, we have no love for this question in bed, it's a total turn off. Maybe ask this some other time, when we're not naked?

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6. "Who was the last person you slept with?"

Well. How do we explain? Na matter how we answer, we can't even be sure if it's the right one. Also, not really loving the idea of being made to think of another woman when we're in bed with you.

6 questions guys do not like

7. "Can I name your penis?"

Um, no. No. Please no. Let's discuss this later (MUCH later), shall we?

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Published on Aug 08, 2016
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