Pretty (And Easy!) Hairstyles For Those “Oily Hair” Days!

Pretty (And Easy!) Hairstyles For Those “Oily Hair” Days!
Everyday cannot be a good hair day, and we get that! So if you always find yourself looking for a suitable hairstyle for those oily hair days, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a step by step guide to two super quick hairstyles for oily hair.

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Hairstyle 1: Twisted Rope Ponytail

Step 1: Separate a big chunk of section from the front.

Step 2: Divide the section in two halves.

Step 3: Twist this section around each other and keep adding sections as it goes.

Step 4: Continue twisting and making sections till the ear. Then get all the hair in front to make a rope braid.

Step 5: For a rope braid, divide the section in two halves and then twist the sections.

Step 6: Continue twisting till the end to complete your look!

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Hairstyle 2: Inverted Ponytail

Step 1: Take all your hair to one side to make a ponytail.

Step 2: Tie a ponytail and take all your hair inside-out.

Step 3: Tie another ponytail around 1 inch below the ponytail and invert this ponytail inside out.

Step 4: Tie another ponytail and do the same till the end to complete your look!

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