‘I’ll Have A Man In My Bed!’ 10 Panic Attacks EVERY Bride Has!

‘I’ll Have A Man In My Bed!’ 10 Panic Attacks EVERY Bride Has!
Your life is going to change completely in a matter of a single day. Of course you are freaking out. We don’t blame you for being a bridezilla. But here are 10 little panic attacks every bride-to-be has a day before her wedding. We hope that knowing you aren’t the only one puts you at ease…

1. I will be waking up in a different room tomorrow, with a man beside me.

And I won’t have control over how many hours of sleep I catch, either, ‘coz I won’t be a carefree single woman any longer, but the bahu of a household! *Gasps*

1 - panic attacks every bride gets

2. I will be all alone in a house full of strangers…

But I will have to keep smiling at them, and force my fear of these strange faces down. Too late to call off the wedding, is it?

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3. My mum won’t be around to tell me what to do…

And what if I make a mistake? Who will cover up for me? Or will I have to brave taunts from some door ke rishtedaar? *Imagines an Ekta Kapoor fight scene*

3 - panic attacks every bride gets

4. What if my hair and makeup don’t turn out fine and I look dreadful at my own wedding?

Can. Not. Breathe.

5. OMG! I also have my suhaag raat tomorrow

But won’t I be tired after all the celebrations? And, um, will I really lose my virginity tomorrow? *Faints*

5 panic attacks every bride gets

6. What if it rains tomorrow?

And ruins the pretty floral decor that I love and put so much effort into getting done? I am a pool of negative energy.

7. Am I even ready to step up to the responsibilities of a bahu?

No. Nope. Nada. No can do. Now whattt?

7 panic attacks every bride gets

8. How I will manage my lehenga all night? With all that makeup and smiling for photographs?

And sitting in front of the fire decked like that, can you even imagine the human furnace I’ll turn into?

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9. How will I keep myself from crying?

Or will I be expected to cry buckets instead? Argh, all these expectations will drive me insane!!

9 panic attacks every bride gets

10. What if my wedding marriage doesn’t turn out to be the fairytale I always imagined it to be?

It’s forever. And forever is a long time…

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