7 Ancient Skincare Secrets That Really Do Work Like A Charm!

7 Ancient Skincare Secrets That Really Do Work Like A Charm!
We’ve all been handed down beauty and health tips by our moms and grandmoms that promise to give us the skin of our dreams. You may have never paid much heed to these old-school tips but maybe it’s time that you should. We give you a few old wives tales and beauty tips that are much more than mere myths. We tell you the ones we know for sure are true and work wonders!!

1. Cucumber For Puffy Eye Bags

It’s true! Cucumber cools the skin and helps to drain away the puffiness from your eyes. It is rich in water content and is therefore super hydrating. Keep cucumber slices on your eyes to fight tired looking puffy skin!

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2. Tea Bags To Fight Dark Circles

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Tea is rich in tannins and antioxidants which help in lightening the delicate under-eye area. Since chilled tea bags also have a de-puffing effect, they work wonders to instantly brighten tired eyes.

3. Lemon And Honey To Get Rid Of A Tan

Your mom was so right about this! The vitamin C in lemon brightens the skin and helps to fade blemishes, while honey helps in hydrating and plumping the skin. Mix the two with some rose water as the water activates the mild peroxides in the honey and causes a light and harmless bleaching effect.

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4. Regular Oil Massages For Firmer Skin

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Massages stimulate blood flow, ease stiffness and help to keep the skin firm. This is especially useful if you are trying to lose weight or have an active lifestyle in general. Though they may not have the same “lifting” effect as that of an in-house procedure but they work well as a long term preventive measure. Plus, they feel so damn good, we barely need any reasons to get a massage done!

5. Turmeric To Banish Pigmentation

Turmeric has a component called curcumin which inhibits excessive secretion of melanin in the skin. Rub a mixture of turmeric, curd/milk/honey and rose water on areas that need some lightening, leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then wash off.

6. Gram Flour To Stay Hair Free

6 old skincare secrets

This old school beauty practice really helps in reducing the hair growth, especially if you start doing it from an early age. A mixture of gram flour (Besan) + Turmeric + Olive/Coconut oil + Rose water, when used as a mask and then scrubbed off in gentle circular motions, can help to reduce facial hair overtime. Oh and it also helps in brightening the skin too.

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7. Milk + Turmeric To Get Clear Skin And To Boost Immunity!

This combo has been used for generations as the go to cure for flu and it has become increasingly popular in western culture under the tag “Turmeric Latte”. Turmeric is an excellent antioxidant and helps to boost immunity too. It combats free radicals and helps the body to deal with the flu. It also keeps your skin clear and fights dullness.

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