#MyStory: How My Fake Boyfriend Became My Real One!

#MyStory: How My Fake Boyfriend Became My Real One!
I was never into serious relationships while I was in college. I had a couple of flings but never committed to a guy, it was just not my thing.

Then I met Amal at my friend’s birthday party. He was a very shy guy and was quiet throughout the party. After that party I saw him a couple of times in college. One Sunday I was chilling in my friend’s hostel room and she asked me what I thought about Amal. I told her that I don’t know him enough to have any opinion about him, he never spoke a word when I was around. To my surprise she said that Amal really likes me.

Next day, Amal, a guy who had never spoken a word to me, asked me out. And I politely declined. But then he sent me a message on WhatsApp, asking me to go on a date with him. Again, I said no. Then he wrote, “Someday you will realise that you love me and then you will be mine”, it was too much so I blocked him on all social networking sites.  

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During vacation, he called me and said that he was in my city and wanted to meet me. I told him that I am not going to meet him and blocked his number. But he didn’t stop bothering me and started calling from different numbers and even created a new Facebook account and sent me a friend request. It was getting a little scary but I couldn’t file a complaint because my father would never allow me to go out if he came to know about it. So, I started thinking about ways to deal with this situation.

Internal guy was bothering me

A friend of mine suggested that if I made him believe that I have a boyfriend and I am serious about him then he might stop bothering me. To be honest, I was not so sure about the plan but then I wanted to try anything to get rid of this guy.

So, I downloaded a picture of Rajat, a guy from my school, from his Facebook and told Amal that I was in a committed relationship with him. He stopped bothering me after that and I was glad it was over.

Then one day, I got a message from Rajat, it read: “Why is some guy asking me to break up with you? Who told him that we are in a relationship?” Obviously, my plan had backfired… it was rather stupid of me to not tell Rajat. I explained him the whole situation. Trust me, explaining the whole thing to a guy you hardly know, whom you saw in school but never spoke to, is not easy. Surprisingly, he was cool about it and understood the whole situation. He even promised that he would help me, “I will tell the guy to back off and not trouble you, otherwise he will have to face me.” And I guess he did have “the talk” with Amal because he didn’t bother me after that.

This whole plan worked out, though not exactly the way I had thought. But I was so relieved and my life got back to normal. A week later I got a message from Rajat, “Is everything fine?”

I replied, “Yes, it is… all thanks to you.”

“If you don’t mind, can we meet once? I won’t stalk you if you say no.”

I agreed and I am glad I met him! Our first date was wonderful and every other date after that has been as great as the first.

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It’s been a year that we have been in a serious relationship. I am so comfortable with him and trust me all my fears regarding commitment are gone.

It was during our third or fourth date that he told me about the conversation he had with Amal. He actually told Amal that he would get him kicked out of the college if he doesn’t stop stalking me. The one good thing that happened out of this horrific incident is that I found the love of my life.

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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