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#MyStory: How We Moved Past The Awkwardness Of Our First Date!


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I got dumped by the guy I had been dating for eight months. At the back of my mind, I kind of knew that we were not a good match, he was too shy and seemed rather distant. We never really clicked the way a couple should.

I was upset, so I joined Tinder to keep myself from thinking about my breakup. Out of the number of matches I had, there was this guy whom I found more interesting than others. Our tastes in things like books, TV series and movies also matched. We ended up chatting for hours about our favourite series, human psychology and other things… During that conversation I realised that our sense of humour also matched.

That conversation with a stranger made me feel better. I had never thought I could talk so freely about my life with someone I had not even met. I even told him about my recent breakup. He didn’t make a big deal about it.  We came to realise that we both have commitment issues.

We decided to meet but sadly on the day we were supposed to meet I ended up meeting my ex,  which I know was really stupid of me. I totally stood him up - he kept calling me and I was too depressed to talk.

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I came to realise my mistake the next day when I got over my mood swing. What I did was very rude so I called him and apologized. He readily accepted my apology but seemed somewhat not interested. He said that he had to go to an event with his friends so he cut the call short. I couldn’t blame him, after the way I had behaved. But then, to my surprise, I got a text from him asking if I would like to join him. I felt a little awkward meeting a guy I had never met before when he was hanging out with his group of friends. So, I politely said no, which again I know was not a nice thing to do in our situation. But he took it in good spirit and I was relieved.

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I actually got a call from him the next day. I got nervous wondering why he called. He had such a soothing voice, the call lasted for a couple of hours. He was really sweet and fun to talk. How could a guy be this good? I was pretty sure that there was something wrong with him, which I hadn't found out yet.

After another long conversation, the day after, we decided to meet. The venue was set, time was decided and this time he made me wait…he was an hour late. And the date was awkward, we didn’t click the way we did on the phone and chat. I wasn't sure if he was nervous which I was initially. It was almost towards the end of the dinner when we finally started talking but it wasn't as good.

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He insisted on dropping me home. And I was sure this was it - he wouldn’t call me again, but to my surprise, he actually did. And surprisingly there was no awkwardness at all, our conversation went on just like it did before that disaster of a date. We realised that we needed to give each other some time and meet more to get as comfortable in person as we were on chats.

It has been five months now and we have become better at dating. We are crazy about each other. Though, still, we are less expressive when we meet in person but we have learnt to deal with it. The saying absence makes the heart grow fonder fits perfectly in our situation.

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Published on Aug 31, 2016
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